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Sheriff Mark Lamb of '60 Days In' on the Pinal County Jail's Biggest Challenges
El Chapo's Trial: Why Mexican Drug Cartels Leave 'Calling Cards' With Their Murder Victims
How Jim Jones Used Drugs to Run Jonestown and Control Members of the Peoples Temple
Who Is 'Dirty John' John Meehan?
Who Really Killed Pablo Escobar?
Sex Money Murder: The Fight to Break the Drug Gang's Violent Grip on New York City
Chloroform: How the 'Knockout Drug' Has Been Used to Murder Over the Last 25 Years
What It's Like to Work an iPhone After Being in Prison for 25 Years
How Bitcoin Funds Criminal Activity: From Murderers-for-Hire to Weapons Trafficking
Live PD's Sgt. Denver Leverett on His K-9 Partner Flex and the Unexpected Places People Stash Drugs
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