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The Triple Murder of Jonestown Defectors Remains Unsolved More Than 40 Years Later
Uncovering What Really Happened at the Waco Siege
Why Gwen Shamblin's Remnant Fellowship Church Was Investigated in a Child's Murder
How Lawrence V. Ray Was Able to Form a Sex Cult at Sarah Lawrence College
Warren Jeffs Today: How the Polygamist Leads His Fundamentalist Mormon Sect from Prison
The NXIVM Cult: An Inside Look at the Classes and Cruelty
Filmmaker Joshua Zeman Opens the Case Files from a 'Son of Sam' Obsessive
How Charles Manson's Family Has Dealt With the Cult Leader's Murderous Legacy
Who Were Charles Manson's 'Lost Girls'?
Why Did People Join the NXIVM Sex Cult?

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