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Who Were Charles Manson's 'Lost Girls'?
Why Did People Join the NXIVM Sex Cult?
What Was Charles Manson's Life Like Before He Formed 'The Family' Cult?
David Berkowitz Confessed to Being the 'Son of Sam.' But Did He Really Act Alone?
Manson Family Murder Trial: The 6 Most Bizarre Moments
The 'Kayak Killer' and Other Criminals Who Capitalized on Their Crimes
Charles Manson Would Have Made a Great Profiler and Other Surprising Insights About the Cult Leader from FBI Investigators
How Did Jim Jones Really Die? Over 40 Years After Jonestown Massacre, Unanswered Questions Linger
How Jim Jones Used Drugs to Run Jonestown and Control Members of the Peoples Temple
The Rajneeshees, the Moonies and Heaven's Gate: What's Real, What's Not?
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