Tag: CSI

A Medical Examiner on Life Lessons from a Torso in a Bag
What's a 'Shoe Autopsy'? A Forensic Podiatrist Explains the Value of Foot Evidence in Solving Crimes
How Animal DNA Puts Killers Behind Bars
How a Forensic Botanist Helps Crime-Scene Investigators Decode Nature's Clues
If Google Can Have Your Data, Can Police Investigating Crimes Have It Too?
How Is Time of Death Determined for a Crime-Scene Victim? Hint: It Usually Involves Bugs
How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works and Why It's So Controversial
Chloroform: How the 'Knockout Drug' Has Been Used to Murder Over the Last 30 Years
Clues from Beyond the Grave: When Victims Help Solve Their Own Murders
What's It Really Like to Be a Crime-Scene Investigator?

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