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The Burger Chef Cold Case: Four Murders Still Unsolved Over 40 Years Later
What Patton Oswalt Felt When He First Saw the Golden State Killer Suspect, Whom His Wife Helped Catch
Is the Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Tied to the Killing of Two Other Young Girls?   
Why Aren't Police Solving More Murders With Genealogy Websites?
Ronald Glenn West: Where Is the Canadian Serial Killer Cop Now?
The Black Dahlia: How 'Moral Panic' Gripped the Community in the Wake of Elizabeth Short's Gruesome Murder
The 'Boy in the Box': Will 2019 Be the Year We Get Answers About the Famous Unsolved Murder?
5 Cold Cases That Had Big Breaks in 2018
Why Did Nashville Become a Serial-Killer Haven in the 1970s?
The Tylenol Murders: Is It Too Late to Solve the Famous Cold Case?
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