Tag: cold case

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Will the Identity of the Eastbound Strangler Ever Be Revealed?
Did a Woman Orchestrate a Robbery That Killed Her Friend?
Rodney Castlin's Murder: A Detective's 16-Year Journey to Keep a Promise and Solve the Case
A Decades-Old Cold Case Ends With the ID of a Young Boy, and His Mother Charged With Murder
How Atlanta Investigators Solved the Cold Case Murder of 14-Year-Old Nacole Smith
The Work of a Cold Case Detective: Finding Answers Years After a Crime
The Murder of Bruce Blackwood: How a NYC Cop and a Killer's Daughter Solved a Cold Case
Unraveling the Mystery Around the 1959 Murder of Young Candy Rogers
Who Were the 'Grim Sleeper' Killer's Victims? And Did He Ever Suspend His Murder Spree?

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