Tag: cold case

How Ashley Loring HeavyRunner's Disappearance Illustrates Issues With Investigating Crimes Against Indigenous Women
The Unsolved Murder of Oneal Moore, a Black Deputy Sheriff in 1960s Louisiana
How Genetic Genealogy Helped Solve Christy Mirack's Murder After More Than 25 Years
Here's How a Georgia Prosecutor Got Justice for a Man Murdered Before She Was Born
The 'Redhead Murders': Are We Any Closer to Solving the Mysterious Cases?
How a Group of Active and Retired Homicide Investigators Anonymously Solve Cold Cases
What Happened to Hannah Upp? The Mystery Around the Young Woman's Disappearance Continues
The Death of Sandra Denise Thomas: A Small Town Tries to Crack a Cold Case
What Motivates People to Donate Their Bodies to a Body Farm?
The Zodiac Ciphers: Decoding the Serial Killer's Cryptic Messages

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