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How Chicago Is Trying to Solve 51 Strangulation Homicides of Women
A Reporter's Role in the Oldest Prosecution of a Serial Killer in U.S. History and Covering Civil Rights Era Murders
'Daddy Did It': Why Some People Believe They Have a Serial Killer in the Family
Will the Double Initial Murders of Upstate New York Ever Be Solved?
Why 2020 Will Be a Groundbreaking Year for Forensic Genealogy and Solving Cold Cases
The 10 Biggest Crime Stories of the 2010s
What Are Some of the Oldest Cold Cases That Have Recently Been Cracked Open?
The West Mesa Murders: Is the 'West Mesa Bone Collector' Serial Killer Still Roaming Free?
The Jeff Davis 8: Exploring the Unsolved Murders of Sex Workers in a Small Town
Murders in the Wild: Cold Cases in U.S. National Parks
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