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Why Did Nashville Become a Serial-Killer Haven in the 1970s?
Nashville Had a 'Dark Age' Where Serial Killers Ran Rampant
What Made a Mother Kill Her Young Son by Dropping Him Off a Bridge?
The Menendez Brothers and O.J. Simpson: Revealing Conversations Between Unlikely Jailhouse Friends
An FBI Agent Recounts a Repulsive Request by Serial Killer Cary Stayner During His Interrogation
Connecticut Serial Killer William Devin Howell Describes the Shocking Details of His Crimes
Sex Money Murder: The Fight to Break the Drug Gang's Violent Grip on New York City
Dick Kitchel: Exploring the Mysterious 1960s Unsolved Murder of an Oregon Teenager
A Lawyer Investigates the Depression-Era Child Murders in Her Family
Dan Abrams on Lawyer Abraham Lincoln's Little-Known Last Murder Trial
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