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A Reporter's Role in the Oldest Prosecution of a Serial Killer in U.S. History and Covering Civil Rights Era Murders
The Unsolved Rainbow Murders: What Happened to Vicki Durian and Nancy Santomero?
Will the Double Initial Murders of Upstate New York Ever Be Solved?
Forensic Psychologist Revisits the Killers He Can't Forget, and Lays Out Rules for Staying Safe
Meet the DEA Special Agents Who Helped Bring Down Pablo Escobar
The Jeff Davis 8: Exploring the Unsolved Murders of Sex Workers in a Small Town
Detective, Victim, Defender, Killer: Digging into the Female Obsession with True Crime
Israel Keyes: 'The Most Diabolical' Serial Killer You May Not Have Heard Of, Who Has Stumped the FBI
What Was Charles Manson's Life Like Before He Formed 'The Family' Cult?
'I Never Was Not Scared': What It's Like to Go Undercover with the ATF
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