Casey Anthony's Parents Speak

Ten years after the tragic disappearance and mysterious death of three year old Caylee Anthony, her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, open up to Elizabeth Vargas about their lives in the A&E special, “Casey Anthony’s Parents Speak.”

Interviewed at the home where they raised their daughter Casey and where they still live, George and Cindy Anthony sit with award-winning journalist Elizabeth Vargas to dive deep into the years raising Casey, revealing the intimate and heartbreaking details of their lives a decade after everything went wrong.

Along the way George and Cindy revisit locations that have come to define their lives, from the woods where Caylee’s remains were found, to the hotel where George almost ended it all. And for the first time ever, cameras will follow as they shed light on the complicated truth about their relationship with each other and the tension surrounding their differing opinions about their notorious daughter, Casey.