Season 4 (20)

6 Seasons | 95 Episodes, 20 Unlocked

Episode 20 Raeford
S 4 E 20


Aired on Aug 27, 2022

Former Zombie team member Duke calls the gang together to flip the most zombified house they’ve ever seen–a nightmare of rotten wood, collapsed roofing, and even a dead raccoon amongst the junk piles inside. Duke agrees to pay for the house and reno if they can finish it in 90 days. But if they can’t, they’ll owe $351k in outstanding liens. Can they finish in time, or will this risky flip ruin the Blueprint group?

Episode 19 Lake Mary
S 4 E 19

Lake Mary

Aired on Aug 13, 2022

The Zombie team ventures outside their usual territory to explore a one-of-a-kind property–a medieval-looking retreat on its own island in a lake. Full of strange relics and mysterious construction, this place is too intriguing to passup, and they set out to reimagine the property for modern times. But the unfamiliar building codes and the challenging location upend this project in a way the crew never could have imagined.

Episode 18 San Juan
S 4 E 18

San Juan

Aired on Jul 30, 2022

The crew decides that a huge house made of sloppy framework and unstable floors is too crazy even for them. But when a pair of rival flippers nabs the place and asks for the Zombie team’s help renovating it, they strike a deal to work together, facing issues like rats in drainpipes and rundown skylights. But their new partners have conflicting views on construction and design that could put this project in jeopardy.

Episode 17 Brown
S 4 E 17


Aired on Jul 23, 2022

Keith partners up with architectural consultant Alynne on a side project, looking to renovate a home in an Historic Preservation District. But the job gets complicated when they have to follow restrictions set by the Preservation Board, track down unique historic windows, and even correct a dangerous setup of the water heater mounted precariously above the toilet.

Episode 16 Emerywood
S 4 E 16


Aired on Jul 16, 2022

When the Zombie team’s architectural consultant Alynne tells Keith she’d like to become more involved in the business, he agrees to take on a side project they can renovate together. The house they find is an outdated disaster of old rock construction, code-violation windows, and horrible finishes. There’s plenty to redesign here, but can these new partners see eye-to-eye on how to fix it?

Episode 15 Bradley
S 4 E 15


Aired on May 14, 2022

A probate house finally becomes available to the Zombie team, and their initial walkthrough reveals the makings of a sweet party pad–including a patio with a bar, and a backyard with a pool, sundeck, and another bar. They plot a quick one-month flip, but their plans for an entertainer’s dream layout hit a snag when they tear down a wall that proves to be structural, derailing their open-plan design.

Episode 14 Amherst
S 4 E 14


Aired on May 07, 2022

A large corner lot is home to a DIY nightmare–an ugly house that the previous owners left full of half-baked, shoddy renovations. From a master bath that opens into the hallway, to a bedroom as red as the gates of Hell, this property needs a complete redo. The Zombie team takes on the challenge, but with interest rates set to go up, it’s a race to finish before housing prices take a tumble.

Episode 13 Minnesota
S 4 E 13


Aired on Apr 30, 2022

The team finds a sweet price on a time-capsule house–an old home filled with years of clutter. But it has a surprise bonus: the old “workshop” in the back has been converted into a separate dwelling. They snatch up this two-for-one deal to convert it into an owner-renter property, but when the city splits the dwelling into separate addresses, it creates a nightmare backup of permit and inspection delays.

Episode 12 Hourglass
S 4 E 12


Aired on Apr 23, 2022

The Zombie flippers uncover a “flag lot” property–a house tucked behind another with a narrow access. There’s a property line dispute with the neighbor, but the lakefront location and low price are too tantalizing to pass up. The team sets out to resurrect this ragged two-story, battling flimsy construction and sinking floors, only to learn that the property dispute might rob them of lake access completely.

Episode 11 Bumby
S 4 E 11


Aired on Apr 02, 2022

A small house carries big potential for the team because of its location–situated on a beautiful lake. They snatch up the 3-bed, 1-bath property before having a reno plan, convinced there’s money to be made. But deciding how to change the layout and add a bathroom becomes a struggle, as does cleaning up buried garbage on the shoreline, and keeping the neighbor’s pet peacocks at bay.

Episode 10 Florene
S 4 E 10


Aired on Mar 26, 2022

The team gets excited when they find a “granny home” — a house that hasn’t been updated in a long time, but has good bones and shouldn’t take much work to flip. They snatch it up to do a streamlined, one-month reno. But slowdowns start to affect their plans, including a six-month backup on materials, and even another individual who claims to be the rightful buyer–and has the papers to prove it.

Episode 9 Fern Creek
S 4 E 9

Fern Creek

Aired on Mar 19, 2022

A 100-year-old house is being offered at a tantalizing price–virtually land value. But that could just mean it’s hiding 100 years’ worth of problems. The Zombie team takes on this historic renovation in hopes of having a showpiece flip as well as a sweet profit. But decades of termite damage, outdated electrical systems, and hard-to-match vintage details could turn this showpiece into a public disaster.

Episode 8 Orangewood
S 4 E 8


Aired on Feb 12, 2022

The team leaves their comfort zone with a six-bed-six-bath new construction that was abandoned after framing. It’s not a typical zombie, but this flip could earn them several hundred grand! In order to hedge their massive investment, they get a soft commitment from an eager buyer. But his meticulous demands might bleed the team’s funds, or even leave them hanging if he gets fed up and bails on the deal.

Episode 7 Ceylon
S 4 E 7


Aired on Mar 05, 2022

The team senses a golden opportunity when they check out a zombie house and discover a hidden treasure in the backyard–a buried pool. If it can be restored, it could boost their sale price forty grand. Armed with this secret, they outbid other parties, but as the flip unfolds, unexpected problems and expenses threaten to demolish their inflated payoff.

Episode 6 Killian
S 4 E 6


Aired on Dec 18, 2021

Flush with projects, the zombie team has little time for an additional flip–and they don’t have the cash on hand. But when a good deal appears, they decide it could be worth it if they can work fast and limit their loan interest to a single one-month payment. It becomes a 30-day race to complete the job, as supply chain problems and personnel shortages threaten to derail their goal.

Episode 5 Pepperidge
S 4 E 5


Aired on Dec 11, 2021

An available zombie in a higher-priced neighborhood has the team excited for a big-money flip. But this house has an unsettling history. The previous owner died in it, and she might not like these renovations being done to her home! Can the crew navigate strange happenings and creepy vibes to turn this wreck into an upscale money-maker?

Episode 4 Catalpa
S 4 E 4


Aired on Dec 04, 2021

The team finds a mid-century house that has its share of zombie features, but also some vintage touches that Ashlee thinks can be restored. When Keith insists that everything be updated, it becomes a battle of classic-retro versus modern upgrades, with the flippers butting heads over which style should dominate this renovation.

Episode 3 Oaks
S 4 E 3


Aired on Nov 20, 2021

The zombie team takes on a promising flip in a small community, but local permit procedures and HOA regulations soon shut down their work. The group must tackle a mountain of red tape while working around multiple restrictions, trying to finish before their growing schedule leaves them paying thousands more in loan interest.

Episode 2 Pecos
S 4 E 2


Aired on Nov 13, 2021

A corner lot, a large pool, and tropical landscaping–this zombie has it all, including a thousand things wrong with it that make it an affordable purchase. Can the zombie flippers overcome the bad layout, problematic labor shortages, and even some difficult neighbors to turn this dilapidated mashup of a house back into a tropical paradise?

Episode 1 Spruce
S 4 E 1


Aired on Nov 06, 2021

When the zombie team spots a small, rundown bungalow in a highly sought-after neighborhood, they have visions of a steal of a deal that could earn a big paycheck. But when hidden problems like wood rot and termite infestation start demolishing their budget, it’s a battle to finish this zombie before it eats up all their profits.

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