Season 3 (12)

3 Seasons | 12 Episodes

Episode 13 The Bargain Bin
S 3 E 13

The Bargain Bin

Aired on Sep 21, 2019

Ravaged by a hurricane and overtaken by nature, this low-cost home in need of low-cost renovation might be the perfect zombie for the team to do a quick, easy flip. That is, until they discover the house’s damage is more than skin deep, and it’s home to some wild reptiles–including a species that may be endangered and could make any chance at a profit go extinct.

Episode 12 The Partnership Project
S 3 E 12

The Partnership Project

Aired on Sep 14, 2019

The team takes on a lakefront zombie owned by Duke’s friend Mark, with an interesting plan: the team pays only the reno costs and splits profits from the flip with Mark. But this potentially lucrative partnership turns into a nightmare when Mark meddles in everyone’s work, bringing stubborn opinions and last-minute redesigns that threaten to drain their profits to nothing.

Episode 11 The Market Booster
S 3 E 11

The Market Booster

Aired on Sep 07, 2019

A ratty house with a goofy layout has Keith fearing it’s a trap. But the team thinks the real payout on this flip will be how it increases market value to the neighborhood, where other zombies reside. They take on the challenge, which includes a pool that looks like a swamp, an insane roof surprise, and even a nosy neighbor’s drone that keeps harassing them, threatening to intrude on their open house and drive buyers away.

Episode 10 The Barebones Flip
S 3 E 10

The Barebones Flip

Aired on Aug 31, 2019

The team finds a zombie in a lower-budget neighborhood that promises some profit if they can keep its basic structure and focus on the finishing details. But Keith keeps plotting grand designs in hopes of boosting the sales price, including a designer she-shed in the backyard. It leads to a bet between him and Justin over who has the best plan for the house and who will end up facing his worst fears.

Episode 9 The Clinical Disaster
S 3 E 9

The Clinical Disaster

Aired on Aug 24, 2019

This lakefront home has a prime spot on the water, but also a horrible layout–with a long, ugly residential wing designed like a live-in rehab clinic. Ashlee takes the lead on this big flip, but her grandiose designs threaten to blow the budget wide open. And when the team tries to rein her in, they sense some bitter pushback that they fear could tear the team apart.

Episode 8 The Speed Flip
S 3 E 8

The Speed Flip

Aired on May 08, 2019

The team finds a hurricane-damaged Zombie that already has a buyer lined up who’s willing to pay market value for a good flip. The problem is, he wants it ready in one month. The team must race to remove piles of debris left in the house, fend off rainy weather when their roofing permit gets delayed, and worst of all, risk losing their buyer if they can’t get the house finished on time.

Episode 7 The Animal House
S 3 E 7

The Animal House

Aired on May 08, 2019

When the team finds a rundown house on a prime lakefront lot, they see the potential for a nice six-figure payday. But this decaying home has become a haven for wild critters that keep throwing this flip for a loop. Can the team keep nature at bay while turning this property into a beautiful waterfront retreat? Or will the animal invasion eat up all their profits?

Episode 6 The Smoke House
S 3 E 6

The Smoke House

Aired on Apr 17, 2019

This Zombie house is a literal stinker from years of cigarette smoke that has stained the walls and left a putrid smell throughout the property. But as the flippers make over this monster, things start smelling sweeter when they uncover clues to a hidden treasure. As costs of this tricky reno pile up, they hold out hope of striking it rich by unearthing a huge payday.

Episode 5 The Halfway House
S 3 E 5

The Halfway House

Aired on Apr 10, 2019

Keith finds a historic house that was half renovated, and is now available at a price they could flip into one of their biggest profits ever–over 200 grand! But this old house reveals tons of problems, from an outdated electrical system, to crooked floors, to a second story with low, sloping ceilings that only a kid could love. Can the team revive this zombie into a blend of modern amenities and old-world charm that could help them cash in at a near-record level?

Episode 4 The Waterlogged Cabin
S 3 E 4

The Waterlogged Cabin

Aired on Apr 03, 2019

The team comes across a “lurker” Zombie that looks okay on the surface, but soon reveals tons of hidden water damage under its skin. Fixing it up becomes a race against the weather, as frequent rains start to penetrate the house and destroy their upgrades mid-flip, which can only be solved by a massive redo of the roof that shreds their budget.

Episode 3 The Longest Yard
S 3 E 3

The Longest Yard

Aired on Mar 27, 2019

A small house on a big lot has the team seeing dollar signs, with plans to split the property and build not one, but two houses for an epic payday. When the split goes bust – taking their profits with it – they are forced to squeeze every dollar they can out of the property, including Duke’s wild idea to rent the yard out to a rambunctious group of music festival campers.

Episode 2 The Complex Duplex
S 3 E 2

The Complex Duplex

Aired on Mar 20, 2019

When Justin finds a ramshackle two-unit property, Duke and Keith don’t think it can be salvaged, so Justin and Ashlee take on the flip themselves. With a lack of available contractors and even a mysterious squatter, they conspire to draw Duke and Keith into the mix to fend off their unwanted tenant and complete this tricky multi-family house makeover.

Episode 1 The School House
S 3 E 1

The School House

Aired on Mar 13, 2019

When the team finds a ramshackle house down the street from a brand-new school opening in a couple months, they see a chance to cash in by creating a family-friendly oasis. A glut of plumbing and roof problems, plus a tree-toppling disaster, threaten to derail their plans and possibly miss their sales window before the school year starts.

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