Christie Hatman

Christie Hatman is a fast-talking auctioneer from rural Thayer, Missouri. Her love of antiques and rarities began when she, as a young mother, started attending local auctions in search of a piano. She started purchasing estate items and selling them for a profit, and quickly educated herself on antique identification and values. After attending auction school, she won both the Missouri State Champion Auctioneer and Ring Man Competitions.

Live auctioneering is a joy to her, but her auction business blossomed when from her rural location, she began conducting online auctions and selling worldwide instead of only to local crowds. She currently conducts online auctions every day specializing in rare rocks and fossils as well as antiques and collectibles. Hatman has been featured as an auctioneer on Walgreen’s “Back to Fast” series, in the Dorito’s Superbowl commercial “The Lemonade Stand,” and as host of HGTV’s “Auction Agent.”

With a passion for antiques, Hatman has two antique and boutique stores, High Cotton Mercantile, in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, and in Branson, Missouri. She is a wife and mother of five and thrives on the pursuit of the next rare find…and she loves to play hymns on the piano she found at auction, her 1879 Mathushek square grand.