The First 48: Missing Persons

The First 48: Missing Persons

S 2 E 8

The Good Mother

Feb 07, 2013 | 42m 53s | tv-14 | CC

Missing persons detectives Pam Childs and John Smith catch the case of Nellie Litvinova, who disappeared a few hours after her daughter brought her home from a doctor’s appointment. The doctor had given Nellie an injection of pain medication for her broken wrist. Nellie’s daughter, Olga, fears her mother may have become confused and wandered off. Her identification and money are still in her bedroom–the only things missing from the 74-year-old’s home are her bus and train passes. An expansive citywide search ensues as detectives canvass buses, trains, churches and hospitals, but fail to turn up any sign of the missing woman. With Nellie’s life hanging in the balance, detectives Joe Struck and Pat Riley join the hunt.

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