The First 48: Missing Persons

The First 48: Missing Persons

S 2 E 6

Family Matters

Jan 24, 2013 | 42m 51s | tv-14 | CC

Jeff Coleman and Bill Joyner tackle the curious case of Maurice “JacJac” Blandin. Before it’s over, the investigation will immerse the detectives in a unique subculture of Chicago’s black gay males; a world in which hundreds of young men organize themselves into “families” with surnames like “Corleone” and “Roman.” The circumstances of JacJac’s disappearance are not uncommon–a lover’s quarrel led JacJac to bolt in the middle of the night. But things turned desperate this morning, when JacJac left a disturbing voice mail message for his lover, threatening to end his life at Navy Pier.

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