Season 1 (6)

3 Seasons | 7 Episodes, 3 Unlocked

Episode 1 Texas Sold 'Em
S 1 E 1

Texas Sold 'Em

Aired on Dec 06, 2011
The Storage Wars spread to the lone star state. Buyers Ricky and Bubba Smith look past the grime to find a vintage air compressor. Antique Aficionado Dr. Moe Prigoff sniffs out some stunning lithographs. Slick New Yorker Victor Rjesnjansky stumbles across a unit with a disturbing past. And new storeowner Lesa Lewis bids to keep her doors open and her assistant Jerry's mouth closed. The buyers have to be at the top of their game. Like oil, these lockers look crude, but to the trained eye, they're as good as gold.
Episode 2 Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett
S 1 E 2

Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett

Aired on Dec 13, 2011

The auction action heads to Irving, TX — a town located directly between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Lesa Lewis and Moe Prigoff go toe-to-toe for a unit with a mystical item. Victor Rjesnjansky flips a small locker for twenty-five times his initial investment. And Ricky and Bubba hit pay dirt with a locker containing sci-fi memorabilia. How much profit can one man make? From crystal balls to jedi masters — the buyers will have to trust in the force to be named the Irving winner.

Episode 3 Snake, Rattle, and Roll
S 1 E 3

Snake, Rattle, and Roll

Aired on Dec 20, 2011
From stadiums to amusement parks, Arlington has the Texas buyers on the lookout for memorabilia and collectables. Ricky and Bubba play up their country roots in an attempt to juke the competition. Lesa Lewis treads on a snakeskin ensemble. And Victor Rjesnjansky goes after a scooter with a three thousand dollar potential. Though the buyers search for storage gold--in this arena, it's a silver item that takes first place.
Episode 4 Mo' Money, Moe Prigoff
S 1 E 4

Mo' Money, Moe Prigoff

Aired on Dec 27, 2011

As the bidders arrive at Walt’s Longview auction, they notice one major problem. There’s a 100-buyer swarm–all of whom are geared up to spend. Ricky and Lesa duke it out for a power tool bonanza. Victor Rjesnjansky strikes it big with a midcentury unit, while Moe Prigoff uses an old friend to transform his locker of junk into a unit of “fabulous” furnishings. With droves of bidders on the prowl–one buyer will have his clocked cleaned, while another cleans up with some antique clocks!

Episode 5 The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry
S 1 E 5

The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry

Aired on Dec 27, 2011

When a recently deceased tycoon’s unit goes up for sale, the buyers ready themselves for all-out war. Bubba and Ricky find some antique kitchen gear. Moe Prigoff unearths some “mad” finds. While Victor Rjesnjansky and Lesa Lewis fight tooth-and-nail to become the new tycoons of storage. From an eight grand payout to a fistful of burgers, the buyers will have to come, guns ablazin’ if they want to win this auction.

Episode 6 Remember the Alamo?
S 1 E 6

Remember the Alamo?

Aired on Jan 10, 2012
The storage warriors journey back to Ft. Worth, Texas to a facility known for its deceptively bad looking lockers. Lesa Lewis tries to find value in an old cookie jar. Victor Rjesnjansky becomes a New York Yankee in King Arthur's court. And Moe Prigoff hopes for a high score after missing Walt's auction. Looks can be deceiving, as the worst-looking locker delivers the biggest payout.
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