Season 7 (19)

7 Seasons | 93 Episodes

Episode 1 #86
S 7 E 1


Aired on Oct 06, 2012

In Trenton, Hawk races back to the tow lot to protect his wife and employees from an outraged car owner. Ponytail is attacked as evil incarnate for writing tickets in front of a Detroit hospital. And in Providence, Bonnie is confronted by a relentless man challenging the legitimacy of a parking sign.

Episode 2 #92
S 7 E 2


Aired on Oct 06, 2012

Mike and JoJo go head-to-head with irate residents as they tow cars from a Staten Island apartment complex. Eric’s vigilance ticketing handicap parking violators in Detroit turns sour when angry citizens challenge his authority. In Providence, Maria’s sweet demeanor is put to the test when a man accuses her of writing bogus tickets.

Episode 3 #89
S 7 E 3


Aired on Oct 13, 2012

Parking Wars Private Tow Edition: In Trenton, Hawk races to his brother-in-law’s rescue when a woman flies into a rage, physically blocking him from towing her car. In the Bronx, John and his prot g Rob meet angry resistance while keeping private lots clear for legitimate customers.

Episode 4 #87
S 7 E 4


Aired on Oct 13, 2012

The intrepid Johnny is called every name in the book by incensed illegal parkers in Providence. Uncle Jojo is confronted by angry Staten Island residents as he tows cars without residential permits. Sonjia tries to educate Detroit citizens about their parking violations but some blame her for their mistakes.

Episode 5 #88
S 7 E 5


Aired on Oct 20, 2012

Detroit ticketer Ponytail is confronted by an angry man who refuses to see the light. Tow driver John tries to keep illegal parkers honest in the Bronx. Gale force winds threaten to blow Fran off her Providence ticketing beat.

Episode 6 #90
S 7 E 6


Aired on Oct 20, 2012

Trenton tow driver Hawk takes his son under his wing when confronted by a crowd of outraged parkers. It’s d j vu in Detroit as Eric tickets rowdy repeat offenders. Steve lays down the law in Providence when a driver tries to use an invalid handicap placard.

Episode 7 #91
S 7 E 7


Aired on Oct 27, 2012

There’s hell to pay when Ponytail tickets two guys parked on the sidewalk for a prayer meeting in Detroit. A haircut gone wrong leaves Johnny bald, but brings him good luck while towing in the Bronx. In Providence, Debbie plays cat-and-mouse with a crafty construction worker who continues to park illegally.

Episode 8 #94
S 7 E 8


Aired on Oct 27, 2012

While towing illegally parked cars in Staten Island, JoJo faces off with a woman accusing him of doing the devil’s work. Eric tries to remain courteous when he is disrespected while ticketing in Detroit. In Providence, Maria feels the heat when a citizen refuses to heed her warning and is enraged by getting a ticket.

Episode 9 #96
S 7 E 9


Aired on Nov 10, 2012

Lashelle learns anger management in Detroit when citizens fly into a rage over parking tickets. New York attitude extends to Long Island where Rob tickets bad parkers and even worse drivers in North Hempstead and angry shoppers threaten to call the cops on Hadrick for towing illegally parked cars.

Episode 10 #93
S 7 E 10


Aired on Nov 10, 2012

An agitated young man blocks Rob from towing his car at a private lot in the Bronx. In Providence, Johnny practices tough love while ticketing but softens for a pair of seniors with a good excuse, while repeat offenders face justice from Judge Caprio in traffic court.

Episode 11 #95
S 7 E 11


Aired on Nov 17, 2012

In Detroit, Eric amazes with machine-like techniques while ticketing irate parking violators. At Hawk’s New Jersey tow lot the gang goes head to head with enraged car owners trying to retrieve their cars. And when an incensed citizen claims he was misled, ticketer Sonja steps in to defend the Detroit she loves.

Episode 12 #99
S 7 E 12


Aired on Dec 12, 2017

Frustration mounts as Uncle JoJo struggles to get a woman to show her parking permit and avoid his tow truck. Lashelle deals with broken meter mayhem in Detroit and Vinny’s tickets upset Long Island residents who think they can park everywhere they’re not supposed to.

Episode 13 #97
S 7 E 13


Aired on Dec 15, 2012

A belligerent man spews venom at Steve as he enforces parking safety in Providence. Lashelle tries to uphold her Detroit parking commandments but ends up ticketing boxing hall of famer Tommy Hearns! And Judge Caprio weighs the excuses of Providence citizens battling their tickets.

Episode 14 #101
S 7 E 14


Aired on Dec 15, 2012

Mike is caught in the middle of two Staten Island women feuding over a tow. An irate mob confronts Eric for giving rush-hour tickets in front of a popular Detroit market. In North Hempstead, Noreen’s motherly patience is tested when she tickets an irate citizen in the fire zone.

Episode 15 #102
S 7 E 15


Aired on Dec 15, 2012

John flies to the rescue in the Bronx when the irate owner of a towed box truck storms the impound lot. In Detroit angry parkers confront Lashelle even as they confess to know the laws they are breaking, while Ponytail schools agitated citizens on new parking rules during the night shift.

Episode 16 #103
S 7 E 16


Aired on Dec 15, 2012

In Detroit Ponytail tries to break illegal parkers of their bad habits. Uncle Jojo uses his positive attitude to calm upset Staten Island residents while towing their cars. New parking officer Kristina gets all nature of surprises while ticketing on the night shift in North Hempstead.

Episode 17 #104
S 7 E 17


Aired on Dec 22, 2012

While trying to keep Bronx parkers honest, John faces an agitated woman who tries to physically block a tow. In Detroit Lavern stops at nothing to make citizens park properly. Charles has to flash the orange ticket to make illegal parkers in Providence show respect.

Episode 18 #98
S 7 E 18


Aired on Dec 22, 2012

A Detroit barber and outraged crowd challenge Ponytail over the length of his hair – and the length of a city bus. Little Hawk flies solo towing an abandoned car from a Trenton highway only to have the angry owner storm the lot. Ticketer Betsy tries to keep order as Providence taxi drivers evade the law.

Episode 19 #100
S 7 E 19


Aired on Dec 22, 2012

In Staten Island Jojo is ambushed by a furious repeat offender who tries to block her car from being towed. Ponytail uses all his powers to stop parking violators in Detroit and Noreen takes no grief from an irate Hempstead store owner parked in the bus zone.

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