Season 6 (13)

7 Seasons | 93 Episodes

Episode 1 #77
S 6 E 1


Aired on Feb 11, 2012

Ponytail runs into furious Detroit citizens as he tries to catch early bird violators on his morning beat. Bonnie is confronted by argumentative repeat offenders on her Providence ticket beat. Springtime in Detroit brings trouble when Rodney and Sonjia boot at a graduation ceremony.

Episode 2 #74
S 6 E 2


Aired on Feb 11, 2012

Booting on a Saturday brings Michele and Courtney face to face with an angry Detroit restaurant owner. In Providence, Charles is called every name in the book except his real one as he tries to keep the bus lane clear. When she has to work a ticket beat, Detroit booter Sonjia gets more abuse than she is used to.

Episode 3 #76
S 6 E 3


Aired on Feb 18, 2012

In Detroit, Rodney and Sonjia boot a man who insists he’s already paid all his tickets. “Johnny Tickets” meets angry opposition as he lives up to his nickname in Providence. Sonja is confronted by an angry mob at a Detroit bar while ticketing.

Episode 4 #78
S 6 E 4


Aired on Feb 18, 2012

Detroit Booters Courtney and Sonjia run afoul of a football player when he uses his heft to block his mama’s car from being towed. Ticketer Debbie battles noise and an irate man in downtown Providence. In Detroit, Ponytail confronts lots of mischief on his ticket beat.

Episode 5 #83
S 6 E 5


Aired on Feb 25, 2012

A furious man challenges booters Rodney and Michele as they try to uphold the law. Providence citizens berate Charles even when the violations are obvious. The insults get personal when Sonjia tickets an irate violator in Detroit.

Episode 6 #82
S 6 E 6


Aired on Feb 25, 2012

In Detroit, Lashelle tries to counsel sisters furious over a corner clearance violation. Two Providence men confront Johnny after they are ticketed for feeding the wrong meter, and Ponytail is all business while challenged by angry citizens in Detroit.

Episode 7 #73
S 6 E 7


Aired on Mar 03, 2012

In Detroit, a day releasing Michele and Courtney’s boots turns wild for Rodney when a man tries to drive off in the middle of a tow. Then, Kim squares off with a citizen who removes a handicap parking sign the city installed just for him.

Episode 8 #79
S 6 E 8


Aired on Mar 03, 2012

In Detroit, an unrelenting car dealer challenges Lashelle over parking on the sidewalk. Ticketer Mary uses her experience raising seven kids to discipline unruly citizens in Providence, and things heat up in Detroit as Eric tries to keep fire hydrants clear for firefighters battling a blaze.

Episode 9 #75
S 6 E 9


Aired on Apr 07, 2012

Ponytail brings down a Detroit ticket storm until he meets his very irate match, while Rodney and Sonjia are involved in a high-speed booting chase. And in Providence, Evelyn faces off with an angry violator as she patrols the Italian neighborhood.

Episode 10 #84
S 6 E 10


Aired on Apr 14, 2012

In Detroit, Eric gets disrespected by a man angry at being ticketed next to his own house. Patty tries to shame Providence parkers into playing by the rules. Louann is challenged by repeat offenders who think they shouldn’t get tickets for breaking the same law as everyone else.

Episode 11 #80
S 6 E 11


Aired on Apr 14, 2012

In Detroit, ticketer Ponytail has a run-in with a gang of Beauty School students who threaten to shear his tail. In Providence, Bonnie is confronted by an irate man who claims his violation is void because of a missing sign. When Rodney boots a car in a busy congested area of Detroit, Sonjia is forced to direct traffic.

Episode 12 #81
S 6 E 12


Aired on Apr 21, 2012

In Detroit, nosy neighbors give Eric more grief than the actual violators, and Sonjia and Courtney are confronted by a distraught man who’s been booted while using an illegal license plate. Meanwhile, former crossing-guard Kathy has a bone to pick when ticketing crosswalk parkers in Providence.

Episode 13 #85
S 6 E 13


Aired on Apr 21, 2012

Lashelle faces off with angry parkers caught in Detroit’s Bermuda triangle of tickets. Steve is confronted by an irate Providence woman who refuses to believe the law. In Detroit, Darryl Lee tries but fails to keep his last day of parking enforcement peaceful

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