Episode 1 Call of the Wild
S 1 E 1

Call of the Wild

Aired on Jan 01, 2020

Jaime Ramos from Virginia becomes Kodiak PD’s only female police officer–and soon has her first encounter with the infamous Kodiak bear. Fairbanks Officer Gerrit Butler, a former MMA professional, must bring down a suspect who also knows martial arts.

Episode 2 Wild Wild West
S 1 E 2

Wild Wild West

Aired on Jan 09, 2020

In Kotzebue, Sgt. Norman Hughes gets more than he bargained for on a domestic violence call while Ofc. Robert Odom faces the dangers of working alone. It’s all hands on deck in Fairbanks for Sgt. Meredith when a pizza van is carjacked and the suspect is armed and loose in the city.

Episode 3 Taste of Blood
S 1 E 3

Taste of Blood

Aired on Jan 16, 2020

In Fairbanks, a wanted fugitive flees into the woods and the police’s only lead is frozen footprints in the snow. When a killer bear becomes loose in Kodiak, officers must hunt it down before it kills again.

Episode 4 Arctic Survival
S 1 E 4

Arctic Survival

Aired on Jan 23, 2020

Three new officers have to adapt to the harsh realities of policing in Alaska. Officer Chris Cook questions his future in remote Kotzebue. Officer Stephanie Jones has to battle her own soft-hearted nature to succeed as a rookie. Officer Christopher Zenyuch is eager to prove himself in Fairbanks.

Episode 5 Love and Hate in Alaska
S 1 E 5

Love and Hate in Alaska

Aired on Jan 30, 2020

In Kotzebue, Sgt. Norman Hughes and Officer Robert Odom grapple with the distrust of the police as they try to keep the community safe. In Fairbanks, Sgt. Nathan Werner and Officer Gerrit Butler bring a personal touch in dealing with alcohol and drug-fueled crimes.

Episode 6 There's the Good, the Bad and Then There's Alaska
S 1 E 6

There's the Good, the Bad and Then There's Alaska

Aired on Feb 06, 2020

Alaska is home to many people who live by their own rules. That means law enforcement must deal with quirky characters of all kinds on a daily basis. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright hilarious.

Episode 7 Last Frontier
S 1 E 7

Last Frontier

Aired on Feb 13, 2020

Two Petersburg PD rookies learn that being an Alaska cop sometimes means saving eagles and battling fires. In Fairbanks, during his last weeks before retirement, Sgt. Peyton Merideth and his officers engage in high-speed chases under dangerous conditions.

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