Season 2 Highlights

San Bernardino Fire Aftermath
2m 49s tv-pg
Helping a Veteran
3m 30s tv-pg
Minivan Goes Off Road
2m 52s tv-pg
Don't Tell My Wife
2m 25s tv-pg
On the Road to Revival
3m 12s tv-pg
Spun Out and Crashed
4m 55s tv-pg
Abrupt Awakening
4m 22s tv-pg
Smoky Building
3m 20s tv-pg
Freeway Tree
3m 21s tv-pg
Don't Jump the Fence
2m 49s tv-pg
Shot and Crashed
2m 45s tv-pg
Body Slammed
3m 7s tv-pg
Rollover Rescue
4m 1s tv-pg
Stabbed Each Other
2m 47s tv-pg
Bad Batch Overdose
3m 44s tv-pg
Fire in the Kitchen
2m 56s tv-pg
Scary Fall
2m 30s tv-pg
Several Hits and Ran
2m 5s tv-pg
Over the Edge
3m 35s tv-pg
Fountain of Youth
2m 48s tv-pg
Golden Hour
2m 8s tv-pg
Motorcycle Driver Thrown
1m 42s tv-pg
Assaulted by a Friend
3m 59s tv-pg
Who Broke All Your Windows?
3m 11s tv-pg
Accidents Cause Accidents
2m 43s tv-pg
Asleep at the Wheel
3m 53s tv-pg
Ate a Whole Bottle of Sunblock
3m 13s tv-pg
The Problem is You’re High
2m 39s tv-pg
Fish Hook Stuck in Finger
3m 0s tv-pg
Liquor Fueled Car Wreck
3m 53s tv-pg
Fire Through the Roof
4m 49s tv-pg
All Scratched Up
3m 48s tv-pg
Coming Back to Life
2m 52s tv-pg
Not Feeling So Hot
3m 42s tv-pg
Cat Gone Wild
5m 1s tv-pg
Nap Time Interrupted
3m 7s tv-pg
Traumatic Skiing Accident
3m 47s tv-pg
Drugged Up Car Crash
3m 56s tv-pg
Big Blazing Fire
3m 38s tv-pg
You Guys are Violent!
4m 8s tv-pg
Biker Slams Into Truck
3m 29s tv-pg
Bouldering Break
3m 22s tv-pg
Drive-by Victim Shot in Femur
4m 17s tv-pg
Am I Wobbly?
3m 30s tv-pg
Crashed Out at the Cookout
3m 38s tv-pg
Just Cough it Out
3m 0s tv-pg
Little Dirt Bike Accident
3m 6s tv-pg
Mustache Hater
3m 35s tv-pg
Tangled Mess
2m 29s tv-pg
Searching for the High School Stoner
2m 11s tv-pg
Swallowed a Battery
3m 19s tv-pg
It's Art, Not Arson
2m 34s tv-pg
Truck on Top
4m 12s tv-pg
Trapped Under a Wall
2m 7s tv-pg
Man vs. Door
3m 41s tv-pg
Fried Chicken Fire
3m 27s tv-pg
Freeway Fury
4m 42s tv-pg
Karma Strikes Back
2m 59s tv-pg
We've Got an Escapee
3m 1s tv-pg
Apartment Complex Recovered from Huge Fire
3m 27s tv-pg
Scooter Header
2m 29s tv-pg
2m 31s tv-pg
I Made Hot Dogs
3m 44s tv-pg
Mean Best Friend
3m 23s tv-pg
Day Drinking Buddy
2m 33s tv-pg
Little Lucky Gets Lucky
2m 30s tv-pg
Doggie Delivery
3m 40s tv-pg
Bullet to the Gut
3m 18s tv-pg
Pepper Spray Recovery
3m 55s tv-pg
What's That Smell?
3m 27s tv-pg
Driver Extracted from Mangled Vehicle
3m 8s tv-pg
Rescued and Arrested
3m 58s tv-pg
Faceplant on the Sidewalk
2m 18s tv-pg
Boot But No Rally
3m 0s tv-pg
Bun in the Oven
4m 4s tv-pg
FSU Campus Car Crash
2m 54s tv-pg
Victims Saved from Explosive Car Fire
2m 10s tv-pg
Hit, Run and Return
2m 35s tv-pg
Don't Get Mad and Drive
2m 53s tv-pg
Breaking Into the Bank
3m 28s tv-pg
Fugitive Breaks Leg on the Run
2m 45s tv-pg
I'm Not a Baby, but Call My Mom
3m 54s tv-pg
Stumbling Down the Road
3m 25s tv-pg
Dealer Shot by Client
3m 39s tv-pg
Cute Baby Gets Cereal Stuck in Nose
2m 3s tv-pg
Grow House Fire
3m 16s tv-pg
Scammed and Punched
2m 54s tv-pg
Post-Seizure Sass
4m 53s tv-pg
Who Are You, Captain?
3m 30s tv-pg
Hand Screwed to a Car
3m 4s tv-pg
Playing with Fire
2m 55s tv-pg
Kicked in the Groin
3m 5s tv-pg
Tase Rage
3m 36s tv-pg

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