Live PD Season 1 Top Curated List

Confusing Concussion
3m 59s tv-14
Kids Trapped in a Hot Car
3m 8s tv-14
Stepmom Locked Me Out
3m 49s tv-14
Fleeing Driver Gets Tased
4m 0s tv-14
3m 32s tv-14
Dumpster Dash
2m 16s tv-14
Spike Strip Success
4m 41s tv-14
Sitting Down and Manning Up
4m 10s tv-14
Don't Tow Mama's Car
4m 4s tv-14
Fake Cash For Days
3m 25s tv-14
Speaker Weed
3m 15s tv-14
Man vs. Gas
2m 59s tv-14
No Good Deed
4m 3s tv-14
Mind Your Manners
4m 25s tv-pg
Crotch Stuffer
4m 4s tv-pg
Fake Name, Real Suspicions
3m 38s tv-pg
Frisky Teens After Hours
2m 43s tv-14
The Super Stinky Backpack
4m 16s tv-pg
Feisty Bra-Stuffer
4m 20s tv-pg
Man Up in Midland
4m 20s tv-pg
Don't Spice and Drive
3m 42s tv-pg
Warrants Mama
3m 29s tv-pg
A Literal Wild Goose Chase
2m 47s tv-pg
The Porn Conspiracy
3m 18s tv-pg
Sheepless and Intoxicated
3m 37s tv-pg
Heroin Hound Chase
3m 40s tv-pg
Gas Station Takedown
3m 14s tv-pg
Wrong-Way Girl
3m 37s tv-14
Speeding for a Dog Bite
2m 47s tv-14
Meet Lt. Danny Brown
1m 22s tv-14
Found the Rental
3m 27s tv-14
Deer Hunters
2m 47s tv-14
Hit-and-Run Hobbled
3m 43s tv-14
Mother-Son Meth Pipes
3m 54s tv-14
Drunk and Drunker
3m 36s tv-14
Drunk Houseguest
2m 56s tv-14
LoJack Don't Lie
2m 45s tv-14
Rental Headlights
1m 24s tv-14
Rollover Panic
4m 0s tv-14
Wrong Side DUI
2m 43s tv-14
Marijuana DWI
2m 45s tv-14
Catch You on the Flip Side
3m 18s tv-14
Six Beers Steady
2m 52s tv-pg
Fence- and Bail-Jumper
3m 13s tv-pg
Riding (Homemade) Shotgun
3m 39s tv-pg
Spring Break Busted
3m 8s tv-pg
3m 33s tv-pg
Secret Compartment in the Steering Wheel
3m 18s tv-pg
Handcuff Party
4m 10s tv-pg
My Friend's Car
3m 14s tv-pg
Stop Pulling Your Pants Down
2m 38s tv-pg
Meet Ofc. John Oliva
1m 48s tv-pg
Bonus: Sticks' Best Moments
1m 1s tv-14
Meth or Rock Salt?
3m 5s tv-pg
Major House Fire
2m 45s tv-pg
The Car, the Horse, and the Girl
4m 6s tv-pg
Meth Bender
3m 27s tv-pg
Front Porch Slam
3m 16s tv-pg
Avoidable DUI
2m 40s tv-pg
Pounds of Pot
4m 11s tv-pg
Dime and Dash
3m 33s tv-pg
Engaged in Prostitution
3m 19s tv-pg
He's Tweaking
4m 28s tv-pg
Botched Burglary
3m 5s tv-pg
Locking Up Little Robbie
4m 54s tv-pg
Catch Him If You Can
2m 35s tv-pg
The Cameras Can Help
3m 2s tv-pg
Happy Birthday, Weed Trafficker
3m 4s tv-pg
556 AR-15 Bust
3m 40s tv-pg
Weed RV
3m 49s tv-pg
The Man in Daisy Dukes
3m 12s tv-pg
Fleeing on Foot
3m 23s tv-pg
Don't Resist
3m 45s tv-pg
Ghost Car
3m 11s tv-pg
Two Views of Hot Pursuit
4m 9s tv-14
Heroin in a Car Tire
3m 53s tv-14
Fleeing Car, Hidden Driver
4m 12s tv-14
Bare Chest Field Test
4m 23s tv-14
Man Stabbed By Girlfriend
2m 51s tv-14
Meet Officer Blackwell
1m 17s tv-14
Meet Sergeant Lucas
1m 40s tv-14
Civil Standby Procedure
3m 30s tv-14
Stopped Shoplifters
4m 15s tv-14
Crashed Cop Car
3m 46s tv-14
A K-9 Finds Meth
4m 29s tv-14
Truck Crash Aftermath
3m 20s tv-14
The Cat and the Meth
4m 1s tv-14
The Road to Impound
3m 29s tv-14
Gang Member Shot
3m 18s tv-14
Panty Raid
4m 1s tv-14
Blackwell in Pursuit
3m 49s tv-14
Guns or No Guns?
4m 8s tv-14
Who's Calm?
4m 29s tv-14
Arguing with a Suspected Gangmember
3m 48s tv-14

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