Rachel Bozek

Live PD Officers Juan Mercado and John Oliva on Their Proudest Moments on the Job
Live PD's Angeline Hartmann on Jayme Closs and Misconceptions About Missing Children Cases  
Deputy Sheriff Danny Brown: Connecting With Community Members—and Other 'Live PD' Cops
From Police Work to Daddy Time: An Interview with Sgt. John Curley of 'Live PD'
On—and Off—the Clock with K-9 Shep: A Talk with Dep. Nick Carmack
Sgt. Sean 'Sticks' Larkin on How Surveillance Footage Helps Police Investigations
How 911 Operators Handle the Emotional Toll of Listening to Violent Crimes in Progress
'Live PD' Dream Team: Cpl James Craigmyle and K-9 Lor
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