Todd and Tamera Sturgis from Shipping Wars

Todd and Tamera Sturgis

Struggling to make ends meet as newlyweds, Todd and Tamera Sturgis booked their first haul from Los Angeles to New Jersey and haven’t looked back since. Now, 20 years later, they’re continuing to build their transport empire one shipment at a time. Todd, a neighborhood stand up comedian, and Tamera, a former roller derby girl, are best friends as long as they’re not working together, which happens to be all the time.

Todd coins himself “the wrecker of Tamera’s good time” always insisting they stick to a plan while Tamera is free spirited, spontaneous, and ready to shake things up. Needless to say, they are not always in-sync while out on the road but after driving together for two decades, they manage to put aside their differences and get the job done. Hauling everything from priceless antiques to unusual artwork, they’re determined to prove that two minds are better than one!