Dusty Davie from Shipping Wars

Dusty Davie

Only 26 years old, Dusty Davie comes from one of the most trusted trucking families in the country. But he doesn’t rely on his family tree to earn his place in the transport industry; he’s here to prove he’s got what it takes to compete on the highest level. Working behind the wheel of a truck since he was 16, Dusty has more experience than most truckers on the road, and he often reminds them of that fact. Claiming that his best traits are his arrogance and that he’s “too damn good,” Dusty knows that his mouth may get him in trouble, but his work speaks for itself.

Dusty has profited by hauling everything from bridge girders to antique planes or farm equipment in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. With his uncanny knowledge of all things mechanical, no load is too big or too challenging for this country boy. A natural problem solver, Dusty believes anything is possible if you have the right plan or if you just stay out of his way.