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Flipping VegasSeason 2

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  • SEASON 1 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 10 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 7 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 2 E 1

Red Rock House

Aired on Dec 08, 2012
Scott buys a huge house in a high end golf community that he feels only requires an interior paint job, but his designer/wife Amie insists the out-of-date property requires an extravagant overhaul...a dispute that sends Scott to the hospital with life threatening chest pains.
S 2 E 2

Haunted House

Aired on Dec 15, 2012
Scott purchases a house that has him dealing with problems of an unworldly nature that threaten the productivity of his workers and the stability of his tight budget... which forces Scott to do something he's never considered in an attempt to save his profit margin.
S 2 E 3

Grow House

Aired on Dec 22, 2012
Scott buys a house at auction known to have "legal issues," but he couldn't possibly have expected to be phoning his lawyer in order to avoid federal drug charges against him!
S 2 E 4

Ugly Coyote House

Aired on Jan 05, 2013
Scott purchases an abandoned house on the outskirts of Vegas, on the edge of a vast wilderness, where he and his crew must fight off some very unwelcome houseguests.
S 2 E 5

Stink House

Aired on Jan 12, 2013
Scott and his workers endure a nauseating stench that he cannot seem to resolve despite continuous efforts in this nose-hair-raising house flip.
S 2 E 6

Condo From Hell

Aired on Jan 19, 2013
Scott purchases a tiny condo unit in a low-income neighborhood for only 15 grand but soon finds out the payoff isn't going to come easy due to some unsettling surprises that await him inside the filthy home...including one that sends his wife Amie screaming and running for the door!
S 2 E 7

Chop House

Aired on Jan 26, 2013
Scott's latest flip seems like another potential cash cow for a modest home on a public golf course, until he and project manager Baldemar find out this junker was formerly being used as a chop shop junkyard.
S 2 E 8

Class Action House

Aired on Feb 02, 2013
Scott goes all-in on a house bursting with mold...but can he manage to score class action funds from a recalled plumbing lawsuit and turn this potential loser into a big money winner?
S 2 E 9

Home. Made. Presents: Flipping Vegas: Pay It Forward House

Aired on Feb 09, 2013
(Enhanced.) Scott joins with a non-profit organization to renovate a dilapidated three-bedroom fixer for a needy recipient, but several costly surprises could send Scott to the poor house!
S 2 E 10

Yancey's Eleven

Aired on Feb 16, 2013
Scott takes on the biggest flip of his life having purchased 11 unfinished villas in upscale Lake Las Vegas with hopes of flipping all 11 in less than 45 days! It's a risky gamble that could have a huge payoff...if Scott can manage to bulldoze through some unexpected and high-priced construction roadblocks.

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