Flipping Vegas

Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1


Premiere Date: Aug 21 2010 TVPG

Scott Yancey is a tough-talking, risk-taking house flipper who's gambling everything on Vegas. Once a real estate investor's dream, the city now has thousands of abandoned properties desperately in need of transformation. Follow Scott and his team--wife Amie, real estate agent Heather, and project manager Baldemar--as they buy the houses that no one else wants. Despite the roadblocks, the conflict and the drama, Scott always finishes what he starts--leaving behind a beautiful new home, excited new homeowners and happy neighbors.

Season 1 : Episode 2

Flood House

Premiere Date: Jun 18 2011 TVPG

Expert real estate investor, Scott Yancey, attempts to flip a flooded house in a gated Las Vegas neighborhood, but a dangerous discovery threatens to break his budget.

Season 1 : Episode 3

Hot Tub House

Premiere Date: Jun 25 2011 TVPG

Dealing with the "Hot Tub from Hell," a missing contractor, and a horrible granite disaster, Scott battles the odds to survive a flip that could cost him a fortune.

Season 1 : Episode 4

Twins House

Premiere Date: Jul 02 2011 TVPG

Expert real estate investor Scott Yancey partners with a pair of crazy identical twins to flip a filthy house in an upscale Vegas suburb -- but the three butt heads and Scott must fight to retain control.

Season 1 : Episode 5

Ridge House

Premiere Date: Jul 09 2011 TVPG

Scott Yancey deals with a scary, uninvited houseguest, and has the whole crew working all night, when he guts this totally out-of-date fixer.

Season 1 : Episode 6

Country Club House

Premiere Date: Jul 16 2011 TVPG

Scott Yancey goes "all in" on a cash deal for a golf course property, but with an accelerated construction schedule, Scott pushes his crew, his wife and himself to the brink -- and beyond!

Season 1 : Episode 7

Dream House

Premiere Date: Jul 23 2011 TVPG

Scott Yancey takes on the biggest flip of his career -- an unfinished, multimillion-dollar Vegas mansion that could make him or break him.

Season 1 : Episode 8

Pink Door/Mouse House

Premiere Date: Jul 30 2011 TVPG

Scott Yancey decides to flip two houses at the same time -- but can he manage to renovate the hideous Pink Door House and the rodent-infested Mouse House in five days for his double open house day?

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