Wahlburgers - Season 
  1 Episode 
  4 - 
  Sibling Rivalry


Season 1 : Episode 4

Sibling Rivalry

  • Premiere Date : February 19, 2014

    When Paul takes the day off work to play a round of golf with Mark, he leaves their mother, Alma, in charge of the day shift at their second restaurant "Alma Nove" -- much to her delight. As Paul and Mark talk business and engage in their usual game of brotherly harassment, Alma uses her newfound position to finally make a few changes to the restaurant without Paul's interference.

  • S1:E4 Social Moment: Mark and Paul Compromise
    S1:E4 Social Moment: Alma Redecorates
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  • My mission in life was always to open my own restaurant.
    Paul Wahlberg
  • Wahlberg Family Favorite Recipes
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  • Mark and Paul Play Golf
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  • Henry the Hamster
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  • Alma Nove Redecoration
    Video: Alma Nove Redecoration WATCH NOW
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