Wahlburgers - Season 
  1 Episode 
  9 - 
  The Real Entourage


Season 1 : Episode 9

The Real Entourage

  • Premiere Date : March 19, 2014

    Mark brings his real life entourage to LA. While there, Johnny Drama gets the chance of the lifetime when Mark surprises him with an audition for his new film. Back in Boston, Paul is fending off hopeful screenwriters. While Paul always throws the scripts away, he soon finds that Alma has been secretly reading them and sharing her thoughts with her famous sons.

  • S1:E9 Social Moment: Drama's Audition
    S1:E9 Social Moment: Nacho Eats Mark's Burgers
    S1:E9 Social Moment: Alma's Sixth Sense
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