The Killer Speaks

Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1


Premiere Date: Apr 18 2013 TV14 V-L

In 2011 Maksim Gelman went on a brutal killing spree in New York City that left four people dead and four wounded. It began when he killed his stepfather by stabbing him 55 times, and ended 28 hours later in a bloody confrontation with the NYPD on the subway beneath Times Square. In between, Gelman hunted down those who had betrayed him, leaving a trail of dead and wounded across the city. Dubbed "Mad Maks" by the media, Gelman reveals, in a first-time ever on-camera interview, the shocking logic behind his brutal crimes.

Season 1 : Episode 2


Premiere Date: May 09 2013 TV14 V-L-D

Two weeks before Christmas 2002, Earl Forrest burst into his best friend's house and gunned down two people in cold blood. Still thirsty for mayhem, Forest then ambushed the deputies who came knocking, leaving four more people shot. What triggered this orgy of violence? Now on death row, Forest reveals, in a first-time ever interview, the surprising reason behind the killing spree.

Season 1 : Episode 3


Premiere Date: Apr 11 2013 TV14 V

When 23-year-old Levi King executed two innocent neighbors in 2005, he finally found a release for his life-long inner rage. For the first time in his life, King felt a sense of peace. But when that feeling began to fade, he broke into a farmhouse where a family was asleep, looking to kill again. Now, in a first-time on-camera interview for national TV, King reveals what really happened in the house and how a 10-year girl survived the bloodbath that followed.

Season 1 : Episode 4

Twisted Love: DENA RILEY

Premiere Date: May 02 2013 TV14 V-D

When 38-year-old Dena Riley met convicted rapist Richard Davis in 2006, it turned out to be a marriage made in hell. They shared the same twisted desire for three-way sex -- followed by murder. In an exclusive interview, Riley reveals, for the first time ever, how they acted out their sadistic fantasies, raping, torturing, and killing two innocent women, all recorded on tape to be savored later. Cops eventually caught up with Riley and Davis---but not before the deadly couple targeted one last, helpless victim.

Season 1 : Episode 5

Monster Inside: ROBERT LOPEZ

Premiere Date: Apr 25 2013 TV14 V-L

Robert Lopez warned women he loved never to betray him - or they would pay. In 2005, after serving 10 years for stabbing his first girlfriend 17 times in the head and nearly killing her, Lopez had a new girlfriend, Brandi, 10 weeks pregnant with his baby. But when she told him he wasn't the father, Lopez reached for the first weapon he could find - a hammer. From behind bars, in a first-time ever interview, Lopez reveals the source of the horrifying rage that left 21-year-old Brandi Bernard and her unborn child dead.

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Season 1