Sell This House: Extreme Season 10

Season 10 : Episode 1

Renton, WA

Premiere Date: Jul 07 2012 TVPG

Paul and Carolyn bought their dream log cabin on the lake for $500,000. They wanted to give their three kids a picturesque upbringing. Fast forward two years and a fourth kid later--their dream cabin is turning into a nightmare! The family of six is quickly outgrowing the small space. But to move, Paul and Carolyn must sell the home for at least the $400,000 they still owe on it. New designer Daniel Kucan has a plan to completely change the space. And builder Charlie Frattini has to use a chain saw to do it. It is a log cabin after all. The team quickly finds out that doing major construction on a log cabin is no easy task. The stability of walls comes into question more than once and puts the build way behind schedule. This whole place might come crashing down before Tanya Memme even has a chance to put a speck of paint on the walls!

Season 10 : Episode 2

Seattle, WA

Premiere Date: Jul 14 2012 TVPG

Troy and Kim bought their first home in Seattle s Seward Park neighborhood three years ago. The space was small but perfect for the two of them. Fast forward to today--they have a newborn baby, too much clutter, and zero space. They re looking to buy a larger home for their growing family but they have two problems: they're underwater on their mortgage and Troy borrowed money from his family to buy it in the first place. Designer Daniel Kucan has a plan to make this tiny space seem bigger, lighter and more expensive. Builder Charlie Frattini is ready to execute that plan, but quickly discovers that doing major construction in a tiny home in four days is nearly impossible! And Tanya Memme is tripping over the two of them to finish the staging. Can the team pull together to get Kim and Troy out from under this house and into the next one.

Season 10 : Episode 3

Portland, OR

Premiere Date: Jul 21 2012 TVPG

Carl and Tina are about to enroll their third child into college. Unfortunately these parents are going to have to sell their current home in order to pay for it. After over a year on the market and a $20,000 price reduction--they've only had EIGHT potential buyers walkthrough the house. Tanya Memme, Designer Daniel Kucan, and Builder Charlie Frattini get to work tearing out an entry, removing the world's ugliest wallpaper, and completely gutting the kitchen. Daniel has big plans for this home--including completely re-bricking two fireplaces! And when the electricians call in with a last minute cancellation, it's up to Charlie to completely rewire the whole place. Needless to say, he is not happy with spending the day in a dirty attic.

Season 10 : Episode 4

Ojai, CA

Premiere Date: Jul 28 2012 TVPG

Pamela and Jay have lived in their home in sunny Ojai for sixteen years. Now they've reached retirement age, family ties have convinced them to relocate to Canada where they'll be able to meet their baby granddaughter for the first time. Unfortunately health and financial woes have severely hampered their efforts to renovate their dated home. In the weathered condition it's in, they'll be lucky to sell for a price that's even close to what they need to live comfortably. Luckily, designer Daniel Kucan has a few tricks up his sleeve to drastically increase the value of the house. Together with builder Charlie Frattini and host Tanya Memme, they have just five days to tear out walls, carpets and landscaping and completely overhaul the look of Pam and Jay's home. It's a race against the clock as the homeowners discover that in order to move on you first have to let go.

Season 10 : Episode 5

San Antonio, TX

Premiere Date: Aug 11 2012 TVPG

Eighty-seven year old Olga wants to sell her home in order to move closer to her three daughters, but after years of disrepair, no one is interested in paying what Olga needs to enable a secure retirement. Facing this dire outlook, Olga's daughters enlist the help of Designer, Daniel Kucan, and Builder, Charlie Fratinni, to ensure that their mother's dream becomes a reality. While Daniel determines that a total renovation of the house is necessary, at least one of Olga's daughters finds it difficult to let go of the past. Luckily, Daniel's plan to rip out unnecessary walls, lay down new flooring, add gorgeous tile to the fireplace, and totally redo the kitchen allows the entire family to embrace their potential for a rich future together.

Season 10 : Episode 6

Boston, MA

Premiere Date: Aug 18 2012 TVPG

Nick and Shirley have lived in their 1980 s style home in West Roxbury for over 30 years. Unfortunately, a tragic car accident has left Shirley in need of close medical attention and they must now downsize and relocate to a handicapped-accessible condo. But in order to afford the move they must sell their house; and at top dollar. With Shirley in the hospital, it s up to Nick s son, Nick Junior, and his wife, Linda, to help Nick and the Extreme Team get this place sold! But when Designer Daniel Kucan shows the Cotto family his plan to update this pink palace using hues of purple, and Builder Charlie Frattini discovers that the floors in the home are completely uneven, everyone is more than a little wary that this house will get finished in time...and look better than before. But with a little luck and a lot of hard work, everything falls into place and the home is transformed into a cool, modern space that is sure to reel potential buyers (and top dollar) in!

Season 10 : Episode 7

Concord, MA

Premiere Date: Aug 25 2012 TVPG

Karen and her siblings inherited this house six years ago. When the rest of the siblings wanted to sell and she didn't, Karen bought it! She had been renting out one half while living in the other, but when the last tenants left their half in complete disarray, Karen decided that the upkeep of having two homes is too time-consuming and costly. She needs to sell within the next six months or she's in trouble! It's going to take more resources than Karen can afford to get this house in top-selling condition. Even with the asking price of $629,000, comparatively low in this neighborhood, no one's biting! Builder Charlie Frattini brings in the muscle to get the paneling ripped off and drop-down ceilings torn out, but flooding in the basement and faulty wiring put Designer Daniel Kucan's design plans in jeopardy! But with a little luck and a last minute save, the team pull together to make this home warm and inviting to higher offers from more buyers.

Season 10 : Episode 8

Miami, FL

Premiere Date: Sep 01 2012 TVPG

Patricia's two adult children moved back in with her--just as she's ready to downsize! She needs a one-story home to accommodate her mother, who has been dealing with pressing health issues. Unfortunately, Patricia doesn't have the funds to transform her home into one that would appeal to potential buyers. She s already dipped into her savings to pay the mortgage and without some serious help, she's in danger of loosing her home. Designer, Daniel Kucan, wonders if the house is cursed, as builder Charlie Fratinni, encounters one problem after the other, including giant concrete headers, cement sofas, mold, over 1000 square feet of outdated floor tiling, and mislaid water pipes. However, with brawn, bravado, and a little help from Tanya Memme and the family, Charlie and Daniel rise to the challenge--creating a modern and sophisticated design, which complements the unique layout of the home.

Season 10 : Episode 9

Miami, FL

Premiere Date: Sep 08 2012 TVPG

When Lynne'a and Ko moved into a fixer-upper in a popular neighborhood three years ago they weren't expecting a new business and baby to enter into their lives. Unfortunately, with these additional expenses, they are finding it difficult to keep up with their mortgage and are, therefore, hoping to move into a more affordable home. However, without some major renovations, the chances of their being able to sell their home are slim!

Season 10 : Episode 10

Long Beach, CA

Premiere Date: Sep 15 2012 TVPG

With the recent passing of their mother, Sue and Donna inherited a house that has been in the family since 1946. While hoping to get top dollar for the home--so Donna is able to afford to move closer to her family--it is readily apparent that the house needs some updated repairs to bring it into the 21st Century. In order to accomplish designer Daniel Kucan s modern plans for the renovation, which includes tearing out walls between the kitchen and the living room, builder Charlie Frattini must create two new headers in the ceiling. At ground level, Charlie is surprised to discover hardwood flooring which has been hidden under dated carpet for decades. Daniel, on the other hand, is forced to deal with Donna s second-guessing his design choices for the dining room table. In the end, however, the house is transformed into such a beautiful layout that multiple offers poured in mere minutes after the home was re-listed!

Season 10 : Episode 11

San Antonio, TX

Premiere Date: Sep 22 2012 TVPG

Toni and Jay have owned their home for thirty-five years but would like to move closer to family members. Unfortunately, they have had to put off needed renovation work due to expenses related to Toni's cancer treatments. In its current ill-fit and out-dated condition, potential buyers have shown little interest in their home. With an updated, seamless layout envisioned by Designer, Daniel Kucan, Toni and Jay unleash their frustrations on the kitchen with a sledgehammer. Unfortunately, Builder, Charlie Fratinni, set up the wrong delivery date for the appliances and his workers are running late, which threatens to curtail their efforts. Luckily, everyone pulls together to fully transform the home into a modern, elegant design, boosting the value of the property and ensuring prospects for a happy future.

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