The First 48 - Season 8

The First 48 Season 8

Season 8 : Episode 1


Premiere Date: Jan 01 2009 TV14

When Dallas Detective Dwayne Thompson checks out a missing persons apartment and finds it covered in blood, he's launched into one of the strangest cases in his career--a case that he must solve without the victim's body. Chasing a trail of clues, Thompson and the Dallas homicide team are always one step behind their suspect. Then, the search leads them to a wooded campsite where they find hanging vulture heads and samurai swords... but will they catch their man before he slips away again?

Season 8 : Episode 2

Return to Sender/Death Camp

Premiere Date: Jan 08 2009 TV14

In Dallas, Det. Rick Duggan investigates the murder of a young man shot in the backseat of his friend's car. While scouring the crime scene, Duggan finds an interesting lead--mail. He hopes this clue will lead him to the killer. And in Minneapolis, Sergeants Bruce Folkens and Chris Karakostas must find the person who savagely beat a homeless man to death.

Season 8 : Episode 3

Crashing the Gate/6000 Motives

Premiere Date: Jan 15 2009 TV14

In Dallas, Det. Randy Loboda is called in to investigate the murder of two people--gunned down while idling in a car at the entrance gate of an apartment complex. With few leads, a surviving witness may be the only key to solving the case. In Miami, Det. Orlando Silva investigates the brutal stabbing death of an elderly man in his home. As the evidence piles up and points to a drifter the victim had recently taken into his home, Silva starts a manhunt that takes him to Atlanta and back looking for the potential killer.

Season 8 : Episode 4

Blood Money/Fifteen

Premiere Date: Jan 22 2009 TV14

When Tucson Detectives John Dorer and Kathi Kelley arrive at the murder scene of a young man gunned down behind an apartment complex, their investigation is hampered by hostility from the victim s friends. Detectives think the friends know more than they are telling, but will they be able to get the friends to cooperate in order to find the killer? And in Dallas, a birthday party turns violent when a stray bullet from an AK-47 strikes down a teenaged girl. To solve this senseless tragedy, Det. Robert Quirk must track down the patrons of the club and get them talk.

Season 8 : Episode 5

Out of the Past/Feud

Premiere Date: Jan 29 2009 TV14

In Dallas, Detectives Randy Loboda and Scott Sayers are investigating the murder of a 54-year-old family man, gunned down in his home in front of his wife and children. Detectives must determine whether he was killed during a robbery gone wrong or if he was the target of a mysterious and sinister plot. And in Cincinnati, a gunfight in broad daylight ends the life of a 23-year-old man. Detectives Colin Vaughn and David Gregory race to track down the surviving passenger from inside the victim's car to learn who started the shootout and why.

Season 8 : Episode 6

Devil Inside/Rattlesnake

Premiere Date: Feb 05 2009 TV14

In Tucson, Det. John Dorer and his team investigate the gruesome murder of a 58-year-old woman found naked and dead under a highway overpass--a satanic symbol near the body is written in blood. When detectives learn about a similar case, they believe they may have a serial killer on their hands and quickly enlist the help of the entire Tucson PD to track down the killer before he strikes again. And in Birmingham, a community lives in fear after a teenager is senselessly shot in his apartment complex. Det. Eric Torrence and his team head out to the victim's neighborhood to help convince witnesses to speak, so they can bring the killer to justice and put the community back at ease.

Season 8 : Episode 7

After The First 48: Blindsided/Killing Spree

Premiere Date: Feb 12 2009 TV14

Now that some of our strongest cases have been adjudicated, we can take viewers inside the powerful and dramatic events that unfolded after the arrest, up to and including the conviction.

Season 8 : Episode 8

Blame Game/Chasing Shadows

Premiere Date: Feb 19 2009 TV14

In Birmingham, a thirty-year-old man is found murdered next to his car in an apparent robbery gone bad. When Detectives Warren Cotton and Cynthia Morrow round up the suspects, they're forced to pit brother against brother to get to the truth. In Louisville, Det. Will Brown and his team investigate the shooting of a thirty-two-year-old family man found dead in a parking lot. The case takes a turn when detectives find surveillance video that shows them more than they expected.

Season 8 : Episode 9

After The First 48: Silenced/Downstream Drifter

Premiere Date: Feb 26 2009 TV14 L

Now that some of our strongest cases have been adjudicated, we can take viewers inside the powerful and dramatic events that unfolded after the arrest, up to and including the conviction.

Season 8 : Episode 10

Live Bait/Drama at the Classic

Premiere Date: Mar 05 2009 TV14

In Minneapolis, a young man is robbed and killed while meeting up with a girl he met earlier on a bus. Sgts. Christopher Gaiters and Robert Dale need to find out if the murder was a random act of violence or if the girl the victim just met, set him up. And in Birmingham, Det. Cynthia Morrow and her team are investigating the murder of a man gunned down outside the city's annual Magic City Classic football game. Detectives learn that there was tension between the victim and his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and need to determine if he was involved in the murder.

Season 8 : Episode 11

Out of Sight/Missing Piece

Premiere Date: Mar 19 2009 TV14

In Minneapolis, after a night out with friends, a college student is stabbed to death while getting on his scooter to ride home. During a canvass of the crime scene, lead investigator Sgt. John Holthusen is confronted with the neighborhood's escalating violence when he catches a man being attacked. Holthusen must determine if the assailant is also the killer. And in Miami, Detectives Rick Martinez and Emiliano Tamayo investigate the murder of a teenaged boy shot in a residential backyard. The case takes a dramatic turn, when detectives learn about a dispute between the victim and two of his teenaged friends. Detectives need find out if the friends are innocent or if they committed the ultimate act of betrayal.

Season 8 : Episode 12

Shattered Dreams/Left to Die

Premiere Date: Mar 26 2009 TV14

In Louisville, a Sudanese man who fled genocide in Darfur is shot to death while working in his clothing store. When the store's surveillance video fails to identify the suspects, Det. Rick Arnold must hit the streets and pursue every possible lead in order to track down the killer. And in Birmingham, a young man is shot dead in his home. His girlfriend, also shot multiple times, struggles to survive. She is able to give detectives the names of two potential shooters. Investigators must determine whether these two suspects are indeed the killers.

Season 8 : Episode 13

Up in Flames/Drive-By

Premiere Date: Apr 16 2009 TV14

In Birmingham, Detectives Jerry Williams and Chris Anderson investigate the murder of man found dead in the back of his burning pick-up truck. With most of the physical evidence destroyed, detectives must track down the people who were last seen with the victim. And in Minneapolis, a popular teenager in gunned down in a drive-by shooting while playing football in his front yard. The investigation, lead by homicide rookie Sgt. Robert Dale and Sgt. Christopher Gaiters, is soon hampered by witnesses afraid to come forward with information on the suspect. In order to track down the killer, investigators must get them to talk.

Season 8 : Episode 14

One Heart

Premiere Date: Apr 23 2009 TV14

Miami Sgt. Armando Aguilar and Det. Leo Tapanes are assigned the homicide case of a 20-year-old Rastafarian, shot and robbed on Christmas Day. Surveillance footage and leads from the Rastafarian community help the detectives identify three potential suspects. But when the suspects start pointing fingers at one another, the detectives try an unusual tactic.