The First 48 - Season 5

The First 48 Season 5

Season 5 : Episode 1

Up In Smoke/Shot in the Dark

Premiere Date: Jan 25 2007 TV14 L

In Memphis, a truck fire brings Sgt. William Ashton and the homicide team to the scene of a double murder. When the smoke clears, Ashton must track down a series of suspects in pursuit of the killer. In Kansas City, Kansas, Det. Bill Michael works the murder of a woman found dead in the street. With few leads to go on, he's wondering how to find the killer when anyone could be a suspect.

Season 5 : Episode 2

Fatal Pickup/Bad Neighbor

Premiere Date: Jan 18 2007 TV14

In Detroit, a double shooting in a vacant lot leads Lt. John Morell and Sgt. LaNesha Jones to an unlikely suspect--a 61 year old man. And in Dallas, Det. Eddie Ibarra must unravel the complex life of a victim riddled with bullets and dumped in a downtown park.

Season 5 : Episode 3

Blood Trail/50G Murder

Premiere Date: Feb 01 2007 TV14

In Memphis, Tennessee, a woman is brutally stabbed and left for dead in the street. When a witness comes forward with the license plate number of a van she saw driving from the scene, the homicide team must employ unique tactics to lure the suspect in. In Dallas, Texas, Detective Rick Duggan investigates the murder of an elderly man, shot inside his dental clinic. Investigators have little to work with until a woman comes into headquarters with information that seems too good to be true.

Season 5 : Episode 4

Live to Tell/Field of Lies

Premiere Date: Feb 21 2007 TV14

In Miami, Ricardo John catches his first case as lead detective: a young woman apparently raped and murdered in a vacant lot. In Dallas, Detectives Scott Sayers and Kenneth Penrod investigate a home invasion that left one man dead and his fianc e critically wounded. The case hangs on whether the surviving witness can identify her attackers.

Season 5 : Episode 5

Stray Bullet/Payback

Premiere Date: Mar 01 2007 TV14

In Dallas, Texas, a family man is shot dead inside his apartment. Detective Kim Sanders and Paul Ellzey believe that the shooter killed the wrong man. They must find the intended target--before the killer does. In Miami, FL, rookie Detective Mario De Los Santos gets his first big case: a triple homicide. He finds himself in the middle of a cycle of violence that threatens to spin out of control.

Season 5 : Episode 6

The Good Book/Nightmare

Premiere Date: Mar 08 2007 TV14

In Miami, Detective Manny Castillo is investigating a brutal double homicide. The key to the case could be a surviving third victim, who is clinging to life after being shot multiple times. In Dallas, detective PE Jones faces the ultimate whodunit when he finds the charred remains of a body in a burning car. With 35 years as a cop under his belt, Jones uses old-fashioned footwork to find justice.

Season 5 : Episode 7

To Die For/Highway Revenge

Premiere Date: Mar 15 2007 TV14 L

In Memphis, Tennessee, Sgt. Caroline Mason takes it personally when a 75-year-old man is shot dead in her old neighborhood. In Detroit, a man is found dead behind the wheel on Interstate 96 and Sgt. Mike Russell tracks a notorious gang to find the killer.

Season 5 : Episode 8

Final Investment/Writing on the Wall

Premiere Date: Apr 05 2007 TV14 L

In Memphis, a well-loved neighborhood investor is shot, and the only eyewitness is a young girl on her way home from school. Sgt. Mitch Oliver and his team must persuade the girl's mother to let her talk to police. And in Miami, the murder of a homeless man appears to involve the notorious MS-13 gang. Detective Aguilar and his team follow a mysterious trail of graffiti that they hope will lead to the killer.

Season 5 : Episode 9


Premiere Date: Apr 12 2007 TV14

In Dallas, Detectives Bob Ermatinger and Ken Penrod investigate the murder of an unidentified young woman found shot to death at White Rock Lake. In order to identify the victim and begin tracking down her killer, the detectives must rely on the few leads they have, from a cell phone found at the crime scene to the clothes the victim was wearing.

Season 5 : Episode 10

Last Dance/Deadly Deal

Premiere Date: Apr 19 2007 TV14

Dallas Detective Robert Quirk is investigating a gang shooting that left two dead and four with gunshot wounds. When surveillance tapes fail to identify the shooter, detectives must rely on witnesses for information. In Kansas City, Detective Robert Blehm is working the murder of a suburban man found dead in his pickup truck with a fist full of dollars and drugs. With a number of good prints on the scene, Blehm hopes that the forensic evidence will aid him in the hunt for his killer.

Season 5 : Episode 11

Hard Fall

Premiere Date: May 24 2007 TV14

In Miami, a former airline executive is stabbed to death in his car. Rookie detective Mario De Los Santos tracks two suspects and finds out that both the suspect and his victim shared promising futures-and a deadly vice.

Season 5 : Episode 12

Reversal of Fortune/Running Scared

Premiere Date: May 31 2007 TV14

In Dallas, TX, Detective Rick Duggan must unravel the mystery of a body rolled up in a carpet and dumped on the side of a road. And in Miami, Detective Fernando Bosch takes it personally when a 66 year-old Cuban man is shot dead in the street.