The First 48 - Season 2

The First 48 Season 2

Season 2 : Episode 1

House of Santeria/Murder on the Interstate

Premiere Date: Jan 13 2005 TV14

In Miami, homicide Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his squad must solve a murder of an innocent college student during a hectic Memorial Day weekend; and Sgt. Carlos De Los Santos and his team tackle the murder of a doctor found hogtied in his house and learn that the key to the case may lie with the voodoo-like Santeria shrines found at the crime scene.

Season 2 : Episode 2

Hostile Takeover/Shot in the Back

Premiere Date: Jan 20 2005 TV14

In Miami, homicide Sgt. Altarr Williams goes on an adrenaline-charged hunt for a mysterious van seen leaving the scene of a brutal murder. Then, Det. Emiliano Tamayo and his partners must ID a nameless victim gunned down in Little Havana; the case takes a shocking turn when they discover the victim's background.

Season 2 : Episode 3

A Serial Killer Calls

Premiere Date: Jan 06 2005 TV14

Homicide detectives led by Sgt. Doug Niemeier are drawn into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who calls 911 to direct them to bodies he's hidden around Kansas City. Niemeier and his team must race against time to stop the elusive killer before he kills again.

Season 2 : Episode 4

Hunt for Teeth/Coyote Blue

Premiere Date: Feb 03 2005 TV14

In Kansas City, KS, Capt. John Cosgrove and his team of homicide detectives must track down a man suspected of beating his best friend to death with a cinder block--before he can flee the country; Dets. Greg Lawson and Mike York are hot on the trail of their murder suspect they know only as "Teeth."

Season 2 : Episode 5

Downstream Drifter/Murder in Room 162

Premiere Date: Dec 31 1969

In San Antonio, TX, Det. Tim Angell and his partners find a nameless man beaten to death floating in a creek; they must race to identify the victim and find anyone who may have known him. And in Phoenix, Det. Mike Polk and his team painstakingly reconstruct the final hours of a man found dead hogtied in a hotel room; the case takes a dramatic turn when they learn the killers may have been captured by the hotel's surveillance cameras.

Season 2 : Episode 6

Roadside Burning/Blood Ties

Premiere Date: Aug 04 2005 TV14 V

In Dallas, a motorist passing along a highway discovers a man's body with a knife wound to the chest and his genitals burnt up; the shocking riddle of this scene propels the detectives on an odyssey through a rowdy world of Texas prostitutes and drugs. And when a hard working Mexican migrant supporting his young family is found dead in an apartment complex parking lot, detectives can't find a motive. As their investigation deepens, the detectives must navigate through a complex web of family ties to identity the killer...and catch him before he can flee across the border to Mexico.

Season 2 : Episode 7

Deadly Betrayal

Premiere Date: Mar 03 2005 TV14

With Hurricane Jeanne threatening Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and Det. Olga Rome must solve the murder of the owner of a popular strip club. The club's surveillance video reveals three men ambushing the victim. Schillaci and Rome soon realize this was an inside job--the victim was betrayed by one of his workers. They must race against time to catch the killers before their investigation is halted by the approaching hurricane.

Season 2 : Episode 8

Twisted Honor/Vultures

Premiere Date: Apr 14 2005 TV14

In Phoenix, Det. Dave Barnes must track down desperate lovers on the lam to solve a savage shotgun murder. And in San Antonio, Det. Tom Froelick and his team find a body of a woman in a wooded area and learn that she was last seen alive with a mysterious stranger.

Season 2 : Episode 9

Silence in the Grove/Show Stopper

Premiere Date: Apr 21 2005 TV14

In Miami's Coconut Grove, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and his team try to solve a near-impossible case of four men shot while sitting in their car. The shooting left an innocent passenger dead...but the three survivors refuse to name names. And when Det. Emiliano Tamayo and his rookie partner Det. Kevin Ruggerio find a local celebrity murdered in his apartment, they realize the key to the case is the victim's cell phone missing from the scene. As they work the murder around the clock, Ruggerio learns he must make a personal sacrifice to solve the case.

Season 2 : Episode 10

Devil's Candy

Premiere Date: May 12 2005 TV14

Soon after discovering a bullet-ridden body in Overtown section of Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci learns the murder may spark a bloody turf war between rival heroin dealers in the neighborhood. Schillaci realizes, to prevent further bloodshed, he must infiltrate the world of heroin dealers and get them to reveal the killer's identity. But going undercover means Schillaci must confront his own traumatic past as a street narcotics cop--when he gunned down a man during a buy-and-bust operation gone wrong.

Season 2 : Episode 11

Deadly Attraction

Premiere Date: Aug 11 2005 TV14

In his final case as a homicide investigator, Sgt. Joe Schillaci teams up with Dets. Mayree Morin and Olga Rome to solve a baffling murder of a man found murdered in his bed. Schillaci and his team soon learn the killer may be a worker for a traveling carnival. They must enter into a murky and dangerous world of "Carnies" to track down the elusive killer...before he leaves town with the show.

Season 2 : Episode 12

Murder in the Driveway/Double Shooting in the Beans

Premiere Date: Jul 21 2005 TV14

In a case of young man shot dead in Little Haiti, Miami Detective Ervens Ford and his team learn the suspected killer is a member of a notorious gang. The team must hunt him down, before he flees the country. And when two teenagers are brutually gunned down in the Pork-n-Beans project, Sgt. Pepi Granado and Det. Freddy Ponce learn there's a witness who saw the murders go down. To solve the case, they must get the witness to reveal what he knows.

Season 2 : Episode 13

Fallen/Texas Burning

Premiere Date: Jun 09 2005 TV14

In Miami, a young man's body is found next to a high-rise, a victim of an apparent suicide. But the investigation takes a twist when Sgt. Joe Schillaci discovers signs of a struggle on the victim's body. The man was seen with a mysterious woman only hours before his death--but the woman has disappeared. Is she the killer--or yet another victim? Detectives in Dallas find two burned up bodies in opposite sides of town on the same night. The investigation leads to a motel where they find a bloody room and the possible murder scene. Were the two victims killed by the same killer?