Storage Wars | S
  17 - 
  Lock & Roll

Storage Wars |


Lock & Roll

Premiere Date : Feb 24, 2015

An auction in Mission Hills brings new challenges as Ivy changes his game and goes for a locker with collectables. Mary just tries to land something that will give her a quick sale as Rene looks to buy big. Local buyers test Darrell, but the Gambler gets some help from a well known friend that may help him end on a high note.

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  • Leader of the Packed
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  • Locker Match Game
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  • Dave's Stamps
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  • Jarrod’s "Visors" Music Video
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  • Dave, the Comedian
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  • Video Quiz
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  • A Huge Western Art Payday
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  • What'$ It Worth? Game
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  • Mary's Cigar Lighter
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