Darrell Sheets

Storage Wars Meet The Cast

Darrell Sheets

  • I can't stomach a bad buy.
    - Darrell

    About Darrell Sheets

    Ever the gambler, Darrell has been addicted to the "high" of storage auctions for 32 years.

    While others have turned the gambling side of storage buying into steady businesses, Darrell is always going for the “big hit.” Boasting a big game, Darrell is quick to tell you about the four Picassos and the world’s most lucrative comic book collection that he has scored through storage auctions.

    With his son Brandon, Darrell has a small operation based on low volume, no overhead, and high value. If a locker doesn’t have the big score, Darrell will sell it away before he picks through it.

    After years in the business, Darrell no longer collects: "The only thing I collect these days is dead presidents." Darrell takes pride in the adventure and education storage buying has provided him. It’s a lifestyle and skill set he hopes to pass on to his son.

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