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  • SEASON 1 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 10 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 1 E 1

Leah / Hannah

Aired on Dec 30, 2014
This 2-hour special focuses on the dramatic work of three sisters who escaped from the polygamous cult known as the Kingston clan as young women and now help other young men, women and children to escape, preferring to face hell than spend another day inside.
S 1 E 2


Aired on Jul 14, 2015
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S 1 E 3


Aired on Jul 21, 2015
Shanell's aunt Kathy has decided to leave the Order after having raised sixteen children under the umbrella of the notorious cult. Kathy's youngest daughter is now of age in the Kingston Clan and ready to be married off, so Shanell must intervene and get her family into hiding as quickly as possible.
S 1 E 4


Aired on Jul 28, 2015
Rachel, is in desperate need of breaking free from the Order. Rachel's two sisters escaped the polygamous cult years ago and now Rachel wants to leave too. But Rachel is torn between leaving other brothers and sisters behind and losing her mother's love along the way. With an extremely small time frame, the girls must plan a quiet, middle-of-the night escape while Rachel's family sleeps.
S 1 E 5


Aired on Aug 04, 2015
A seventeen-year-old girl must flee from Utah to Nevada to escape from the clutches of polygamy and Utah's runaway laws. Having unsuccessfully attempted to escape before, Priscilla is adamant about leaving once and for all, but knows she needs the help of her friends outside the Order. With the threat of getting caught at any second by Order members or law enforcement, Priscilla's escape attempt must happen quickly.
S 1 E 6

Little Sister

Aired on Aug 11, 2015
Shanell receives a letter from her fourteen-year-old half-sister crying out for help and threatening suicide. The sister is struggling with her life inside the Order and desperately wants out by any means. Shanell must now focus on navigating the proper legal channels to try to make sure she is kept safe and protected.
S 1 E 7


Aired on Aug 18, 2015
The girls learn of a girl named Yolanda needing their help to escape from the notorious FLDS compound based in Colorado City, Arizona. While they are familiar with the cult's principles, practices and infamous prophet Warren Jeffs, the girls are hundreds of miles away from home. With a plan in place to get Yolanda out, the biggest hurdle they face now is to remain as under the radar and out of sight as possible.
  • Shirley's Story

  • FLDS Control Through Language

  • Racism in The Order

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