Dog The Bounty Hunter

Season 4

Season 4 : Episode 1

The Mystery of Mona Lisa

Premiere Date: Apr 10 2007 TVPG L

Dog usually takes his job personally, but this time a case really hits home. First, he and Beth receive a special gift--a painting of Dog's recently deceased daughter, Barbara Katy. Everyone on the team needs to take a moment to recover from the emotional impact of that. But when Lyssa points out that the fugitive in Dog's next case has the same birth date as Barbara, Dog takes a special vow to capture the young woman so he can persuade her to avoid the same mistakes his daughter made.

Season 4 : Episode 2

Rusty Cuffs

Premiere Date: Apr 17 2007 TVPG L

Dog finds himself fighting two enemies--the law and his inner demons. He continues his legal battle to fight extradition to Mexico in connection with his 2003 capture of fugitive rapist Andrew Luster. His other struggle is private. Demoralized by his arrest on the extradition warrant, Dog questions whether he really has the hunger to ever bounty hunt again.

Season 4 : Episode 3

Make a Wish

Premiere Date: Apr 24 2007 TVPG L

Dog shows his love of justice and children in this poignant episode. He begins by giving encouragement to a group of handicapped children and making them honorary members of his posse. Dog and the team then start their search for Jacob, a fugitive who's abandoned his wife and children. When the hunt leads Dog to a meeting with Jacob's family, he asks Jacob's kids a question: If he could grant them one wish, what would it be? They wish for Dog to bring their daddy back. But can Dog do it?

Season 4 : Episode 4

Tough Love

Premiere Date: May 01 2007 TVPG L

Michael is out on bail for drug sales, theft, and violation of parole. Dog's after him for failing to appear in court and his only lead is Jen, his co-signer and girlfriend. When they hit her house she's nowhere to be found but her brother informs them he's worried because Michael has a history of abusing women and fears for his sister's safety. This news puts Dog on a mission to save Jen. Surprisingly the biggest hurdle to bring Michael in is convincing Jen to help the team! Working with Beth, Dog tries a clever variation of "good cop, bad cop" to win her over. Will the team succeed, or will the mysterious power Michael seems to hold over Jen keep her from doing the right thing?

Season 4 : Episode 5

Surprise Ending

Premiere Date: May 08 2007 TVPG L

Today, Dog and the boys are going after a fugitive with a serious price tag. Tim failed to appear in court on a $25,000 bond and has a string of theft charges behind him. When the team hits his apartment, they find a boot print on the door -- a souvenir of a police raid from only days earlier. Tim managed to evade the cops, but Dog is determined to put this fugitive behind bars. To get the job done, he'll find himself on an unusual journey before a unexpected tip leads to a surprising finish.

Season 4 : Episode 6

The Big Wipe-Out

Premiere Date: May 15 2007 TVPG L

A Hawaiian surfing hero is on a wave to nowhere and it's Dog's turn to play lifeguard. "Buttons," known throughout the islands for his prowess on the waves and his daring 360's, has wiped-out on the rocky shoals of drug addiction. This troubled legend has been losing his struggle with the "Big H" and Dog's search to find him is a voyage through the murky waters of homelessness and despair.

Season 4 : Episode 7

You Can Bet On It!

Premiere Date: May 29 2007 TVPG L

Kristine had a string of gambling and forgery charges before she jumped bail leaving Dog "holding the bag" -- in this case a $20,000 bond. Now it's time for Dog to call in some chits of his own, getting the help of trusty informants he's helped out over the years. Their tips will send him and the team on a multi-day tour though the low-rent hotels and illicit gaming houses of the Hawaii few tourists ever see. As the hunt stretches out, Dog amps up the pressure putting the squeeze on the very gaming rooms Kristine frequents. But when the hand plays to a close, Dog is in for a surprise when he discovers that he and Kristine share a common past.

Season 4 : Episode 8

Fly Boy

Premiere Date: Jun 05 2007 TVPG L

Dog told him not to go, but Charles went anyway, skipping to Oregon against the terms of his bail. Now Dog has a tip that Charles plans to slip back into Honolulu. With $30,000 on the line Dog knows he can leave little to chance. He needs someone Charles won't recognize to track him inside the airport when his plane lands. The team decides that Baby Lyssa is it, so with a little help from Beth and a sexy brunette wig, the team is soon barreling towards the airport with the brand new weapon: a petit brunette in sunglasses who even Dog doesn't quite recognize.

Season 4 : Episode 9

Guns & Ice

Premiere Date: Jun 12 2007 TVPG L

Dog's got a twofer on his hands, but the cases couldn't be more different. The first is a woman whose family wants her back in jail, the other is a former choirboy whose family ties are strong. Darlene's been busted for third degree promotion and her sister, fed up with her behavior, wants off the bond. Dog will do his best to straighten her out but he has his doubts about making a difference. The following day is Dog's birthday but that won't stop him from chasing a fugitive named Fred who is facing firearms charges. Dog doesn't relish the thought of going after an alleged gunslinger on his birthday but he's never one to avoid a challenge. Dog's hunch is that Fred is a mama's boy, and while he has some doubts, in the end will his instincts pay off?

Season 4 : Episode 10

The Good Fight

Premiere Date: Jun 19 2007 TVPG L

Dog and Beth have to be at the state capitol bright and early to receive an award for their fight against ice in Hawaii. Afterwards, they're inspired to start the hunt for Shanna, an alleged ice user and identity thief with $80,000 in bonds. Working two informants Dog and the posse begin to close in on their target. And with good tips and some hard work, Dog finds Shanna and her boyfriend living in a van next to a cemetery just as the sun is going down. Can Dog convince Shanna to give up her bad habits before her graveyard address becomes permanent?

Season 4 : Episode 11

The Last Call

Premiere Date: Jun 26 2007 TVPG L

Dog thinks he's got an average day of bounty hunting ahead of him, but he couldn't be more wrong. Beth calls a client, Daphne, whose bond they have to revoke and makes a shocking discovery: Daphne's cosigner on her bond and ex-boyfriend, Bobby, has just committed suicide. Soon a sobbing Daphne turns herself in and Dog has his hands full trying to console her when another fugitive arrives at the office also to surrender. But it's not until Bobby's grieving mother arrives to confront Daphne that the emotional fireworks really start flying. It is a day filled with pain, sorrow and forgiveness--a day the Dog and the Da Kine team will never forget.

Season 4 : Episode 12

The Smackdown of Baby Lyssa

Premiere Date: Jul 24 2007 TVPG L

The co-signer on this bond is seven months pregnant, and she says that the man she bailed out has threatened her safety and has been running amok on the streets. Now Dog and the posse have got to revoke John's bail. After meeting with the cosigner they hatch a plan to use several of John's friends to lure him to a high rise apartment. But when night falls, their plan goes awry -- leaving a member of the team alone and in harm's way!

Season 4 : Episode 13

A Friend in Need

Premiere Date: Jul 31 2007 TVPG L

Roger has 27 prior arrests, spent years in jail and doesn't want to go back. But he's missed court and now Dog has to bring him in. To complicate matters, this fugitive lives in a tightly-knit community, which means that while almost everyone the team talks to knows Roger, not all of them are going to give Dog good information. So Dog and the posse have to charm this protective community by playing with the kids and reaching out to old friends. They follow every lead and eventually they come up with a new kind of fugitive capture.

Season 4 : Episode 14

Your Lying Eyes

Premiere Date: Aug 07 2007 TVPG L

Kolani's on the run, left his wife to look after four kids and left Dog holding the bag for the $10k bond. Apparently the lure of the streets and other women have drawn him away from his commitments. But love is strong and it isn't easy for the team to get the truth. So their pursuit on this case takes them into some parts of Ohau, and the human heart, that few of us will ever see.

Season 4 : Episode 15

A Man Called Dog

Premiere Date: Aug 14 2007 TVPG L

In this one-hour special, we will travel through the past with Dog as he makes a present-day journey through Colorado and Texas (with Beth and the Posse) to re-connect with old friends and mentors, and re-live significant moments from his past. Dog's life has always been extraordinary: from his wild outlaw-biker days to his rehabilitation in a Texas prison to his long journey since then to become the world's greatest bounty hunter.

Season 4 : Episode 16

Crime Don't Pay

Premiere Date: Aug 21 2007 TVPG L

Today the crew is hunting for Holly, a car thief. She's one of Tim's bonds and the entire Dog crew knows that means trouble--or at least a long and difficult chase. As the hunt starts, Tim's got nothing but a photograph to work with until an informant calls to say he knows where Holly is at that very moment. Tim's anxiety mounts as he tries to get the team on the road before the informant loses track of Holly's whereabouts. The team is less than convinced that the tipster will pay-off. Will Tim be able get a quick capture or will he lose his "Race Against Time"?

Season 4 : Episode 17

Twisted Love

Premiere Date: Aug 28 2007 TVPG L

Dog is tracking down Cecilia, who's wanted for aggravated car theft, but she's nowhere to be found. Her girlfriend and co-signer has gone missing too. Just when the trail goes stone cold, a friend with an ax to grind leads the team to the cosigner's empty apartment where they hatch a plan to lure her back. In less than the time it takes to say "regulators mount up" the once elusive cosigner is on the phone, looking for a fight and speeding home. The team takes cover and waits, but is Cecilia far behind?

Season 4 : Episode 18

Where the Wild Things Are

Premiere Date: Sep 04 2007 TVPG L

Dog, Beth and the team are in Colorado and today they face a special Chapman challenge--getting the kids to camp. After the drop-off, Dog is more than ready to track down a fugitive. Robin disposed of a body after a homicide, and now he's skipped his court date. This wild chase is full of surprises--Dog and the team hit a series of addresses, search the rough terrain of an open prairie and confront a jealous husband--and Beth is in the middle of all of this while also on the phone trying to help homesick Garry stick with camp. But as the hunt draws to a close, the biggest surprise is still to come.

Season 4 : Episode 19

No Luv Still

Premiere Date: Sep 25 2007 TVPG L

Bounty hunts are always full of surprises and that is very true today. Dog is in search of a potentially dangerous fugitive, he's only 19 and charged with kidnapping and menacing. In other words the kind of criminal Dog likes to get off the streets. But the case takes an unexpected turn when the Chapman clan ends up in a confrontation with the suspect's family. Will things get out of hand or will Dog use his legendary sliver tongue to avert a violent showdown? And as Dog learns more about the fugitive and his case, nothing is quite what it appears to be.

Season 4 : Episode 20

Day of the Dog

Premiere Date: Oct 16 2007 TVPG L

Dog and the team are back in Colorado hunting bounties. Today's fugitive has a long rap sheet and a reputation for packing heat. With nothing but an address and phone number, the team heads out on the hunt. When they get to his girlfriend's pad, no one answers. But Dog's sixth sense tingles when he hears a puppy scratching at the door of the apartment...he knows it's worth sticking around. The stakeout is long and tense. And when they get him, the fugitive is not quite what his record would suggest.

Season 4 : Episode 21

The Time to Cry

Premiere Date: Oct 23 2007 TVPG L

Kimo does a vanishing act for his day in court and now Dog and the posse have to find him. With precious few leads to follow Dog turns to the fugitive's on again-off-again girlfriend, but she's initially reluctant to join the hunt. It's up to Dog to try to calm her fears and convince her that getting Kimo into jail is in the best interests of all concerned. But once she signs up the chase is a wild and wooly ride. (1 hour.)

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