Isn't it Strange How…

…many superhero movies there are out there? What does it say about our culture that they’re so popular? Aren’t regular people “super” enough? People overcome hardships on a daily basis just by their own innate abilities.

My superpower is definitely my ability to be non-judgmental. People can be so judgmental — especially in high school. People contort themselves to be perfect because that’s what TV or internet tells them they need to be. It’s exhausting. I guess it’s because I can’t care what anybody thinks. Everybody has flaws and imperfections. My flaw is obvious to the world, but not everybody’s flaws are so in your face. I think I know how to see people for who they really are. This ability is definitely a positive result of having my disability. I understand that nobody is perfect. It’s not about loving people despite their flaws but rather loving them for their flaws.

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