Shipping Wars

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WHAT IS USHIP? is the world's largest and most trusted transportation marketplace. Do you have a tank collection that needs to be moved? How about a camel? Dinosaur skeleton? uShip can match you with a carrier to get those bones where they need to go.

STEP 1. The customer makes a listing on for whatever they need to have transported, whether it be a giant gnome or an antique car collection. You own it, it can be shipped.

STEP 2. The Shipping Wars begin! Independent transporters from around the country then place bids to win the customer's business.

    For example:
  • Marc places a bid for $2,000 to move an enormous fake plant.
  • Roy sees Marc's bid, and decides to try and steal it out from under him by bidding lower at $1,800.
  • Jarrett, who is desperate for a job, places an even lower bid hoping to win the day at $1,500.
  • Roy, sensing a chance to haze a new guy, goes all the way down to $1,200 to make Jarrett sweat.
  • Jarrett, knowing he may be able to make up the money by picking up more items along the way goes for broke with a bid of $1,000. This pleases the customer. And also Roy.

STEP 3. The customer then chooses the transporter that they feel will work best for them based on price, feedback rating, timing, or all of the above. Once they've made their decision, uShip connects both parties so they can work out the logistics.

End result? The customer saves money, Jarrett gets his job, and Roy drives away laughing, because Roy is that kind of guy.



  • Total value of goods shipped since 2004: $3B
  • Total earned by transporters on uShip since 2004: $325M
  • Total registered shipping customers: 1.6 million
  • Total registered transportation service providers: 355,000
  • Total bids placed by transporters: 10.3 million
  • Total shipment listings placed by customers: 2.45 million
  • Total business available on the site at any given time: $12-$15M
  • 110 employees headquartered in Austin, Texas, and Amsterdam
  • Launched in 2004 by Founder/CEO Matthew Chasen