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A Gray State

From director Erik Nelson and executive producer Werner Herzog, A GRAY STATE is a core sample of a new American reality.

David Crowley was a charismatic filmmaker, veteran, and rising star in libertarian and Alt-Right political spheres. In 2010, Crowley began a cinematic manifesto called Gray State - a dystopian vision where citizen liberties are trampled by an out-of-control government. Crowley nurtured a passionate fan base for his film, and with $6,000 and a dedicated production team, was able to create an impressive trailer. By June of 2014, he had a Hollywood funder on the hook. But just after Christmas, David Crowley, his wife Komel, and his young daughter Rani were found dead in their Minnesota home.

Immediately, "Movement" conspiracy theorists descended upon the story, calling the murders an assassination by the shadowy government agencies that Crowley had been determined to expose. But the real story is far, far stranger.

Crowley obsessively documented every facet of the making of his apocalyptic masterpiece — a vision that slowly consumed him. He left behind over 13,000 photographs, countless videos and recordings, and exhaustive behind-the-scenes footage of his production, as well as haunting home movies and photographs documenting his family life. Within these artifacts, the story of what really took place behind the walls of 1051 Ramsdale Drive is revealed - a tale of what can happen when an ideology becomes an all-consuming obsession.

About the Filmmaker: Erik Nelson

Erik Nelson is the producer of Werner Herzog's 2005 feature GRIZZLY MAN, the Oscar nominated ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, and the 2011 "doubleheader" - Herzog's 3D exploration into the CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS and death row feature, INTO THE ABYSS.

Nelson's theatrical documentary work as a director includes DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH, which premiered at SXSW in 2008, and an animated feature, DINOTASIA, currently playing on Netflix.

Nelson is also a regular contributor and cultural critic for the on-line magazine SALON.