Duck Dynasty - Season 
  5 Episode 
  4 - 
  From Duck 'Til Dawn

Duck Dynasty

Season 5 : Episode 4

From Duck 'Til Dawn

  • Premiere Date : January 29, 2014

    When the duck guys have to pull an all-nighter to finish some work, Willie decides he wants to join them. But when a dying smoke detector distracts them from their work, Jase and Willie head off to disarm it, leaving the rest of the gang to finish the order before sunrise. Meanwhile, when Mia and Priscilla spend the night at Phil and Kay's house, Phil scares them with a ghost story, causing the girls to get revenge on Phil while he's asleep.

  • S5:E4 Social Moment: Phil's Ghost Story
    S5:E4 Social Moments: Si's Pixy Stix Fix
    S5:E4 Social Moment: Phil's Love of Fingernails
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  • I would rather eat a great gumbo in a dark alley then a crappy gumbo in the Taj                 Mahal.
    Jase Robertson
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