Duck Dynasty - Season 
  5 Episode 
  1 - 
  Boomerang Becca

Duck Dynasty

Season 5 : Episode 1

Boomerang Becca

  • Premiere Date : January 15, 2014

    When Rebecca returns home from her internship in Los Angeles, the Robertson family plans a big surprise party to welcome her back. But when Willie thinks Rebecca has no plan for her future, he becomes concerned, and decides to find out how Rebecca plans to earn her keep as a member of his household. However, Willie is happily surprised to discover that Rebecca is a real go-getter, much like him. Meanwhile, when Uncle Si gets sick, he seeks the help of Ms. Kay to take care of him, but when Si takes over her living room, Phil takes issue with his new houseguest.

  • S5:E1 Social Moment: Si Loves Air Bud
    S5:E1 Social Moment: Sicrobes
    S5:E1 Social Moment: Picking Up Rebecca
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  • The Robertson family and bad ideas go together like biscuits and jam.
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