Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 5

Season 5 : Episode 1

Up on the Roof

Premiere Date: Jul 16 2008 TVPG L

Today Dog and the family are back in Colorado and are about to make one of their most exciting captures ever. On his search he'll encounter a felon with history of violence and an alleged affection for sawed-off shotguns, a desperate addict crying for help, and a brave informant who'll risk it all to help Dog bring the fugitive to justice. And when the adrenaline-fueled arrest goes down, every family member will play a critical role.

Season 5 : Episode 2

Family Business

Premiere Date: Jul 23 2008 TVPG L

Dog and the Chapman clan start their hunt today with another well-established bail bonding family. And in fact as Dog's fame has grown, so have his responsibilities. So in addition to tracking down two felons on the lam, Dog has to prepare for a goodwill and fundraising trip to Mooseheart, one of America's largest homes for children in need. Can he catch his prey in time to be there for the kids?

Season 5 : Episode 3

Felons Interrupted

Premiere Date: Jul 30 2008 TVPG L

Today Dog is back in Hawaii confronted with two alleged felons who are in crisis. Family and friends of these bondees are convinced that they are getting into further trouble while awaiting trial, so Dog and the posse have to bring these men back to the relative safety of jail. In both cases addiction has a powerful hold on their targets, and so Dog's motto of "find 'em and fix 'em" is truly at work.

Season 5 : Episode 4

Let It Snow

Premiere Date: Aug 06 2008 TVPG L

Christopher is barely 21, already has history of domestic abuse and assault, and now he's facing major time in a room without a view. This hunt won't be easy for Dog -- the leads are few, informers and family are not forthcoming, and the posse has to confront a freak April blizzard as well. Braving freezing temperatures, blowing snow, and treacherous highways, they hunt through the day and into the night. But as darkness draws close the leads are as cold as ice...until an unexpected call turns the trail red hot.

Season 5 : Episode 5

Rush from Judgment

Premiere Date: Aug 13 2008 TVPG L

Facing hard time for forging checks, Melissa pulled a vanishing act at her sentencing hearing, bolting from the courthouse in broad daylight. Lucky for her bondsman, Dog and his posse are in Colorado and ready to help. A tip from an informant sends the team racing to the felon's safe house, but after surrounding it they discover she's skipped again! Dog's plan is to stirs up the neighborhood while working the phones and hoping for a breakthrough. In the end it will be Beth's skill at this high stakes game of hide-and-go-seek that brings this elusive lady to justice.

Season 5 : Episode 6

Burn & Return

Premiere Date: Aug 20 2008 TVPG L

Dog is busy. First he's after a fugitive who is allegedly an expert in the game of "burn and return"--shoplifting goods to return them for cash refunds. But he's not easy to track--on the bail application the fugitive's father answers the question "how long have you known this individual" by writing "too long." Making matters worst the fugitive is now homeless, sending Dog and the team on a hunt through the soup kitchens and parks of Colorado Springs. But as the team closes in for the catch they get a big surprise which sends them after a second fugitive who presents challenges of her own.

Season 5 : Episode 7

Stormy Weather

Premiere Date: Aug 27 2008 TVPG L

Going after two fugitives in one day is tough enough without the facing Colorado's notoriously unpredictable weather. Today it's the threat of sever thunderstorm, hail and area wide tornado warnings. When Dog ask his bail bond friend Mary to give him her toughest character, she responds by sending him in pursuit of a fugitive with a history of over 25 years of run-ins with the law. Second on the docket is a wounded vet recently returned from combat in Iraq. When he tells Dog that "he'd rather die than go back to jail," Dog knows that the bad weather will be the least of his worries today.

Season 5 : Episode 8

One for the Money

Premiere Date: Sep 03 2008 TVPG L

It hurts Dog to see people who after years of walking the straight and narrow, suddenly lose their way. But today's case is a member of the law enforcement community who has recently gone astray, and that truly troubles the Dog. Not only does Moses know the tricks of the trade, there's the possibility he's packing his government issued handgun. Although the hunt is long, the ending is hopeful, because Dog comes to believe that with the help of a supportive family this fugitive might just make it. And in fact for Dog's second case, family is an essential part of bringing the fugitive to justice.

Season 5 : Episode 9

Reality Check

Premiere Date: Sep 10 2008 TVPG L

Dog is back in Denver and in hot pursuit of a woman wanted for identity theft. The sad reality is that the identify which has been robbed is her own. She's traded in a bright future for a life on the wrong side of the law. Dog and the posse trawl through Colorado Springs' skid row, hitting dive bars, greasy spoons and no-tell motels looking for leads as they hunt down this good girl gone bad. The case take a turn when Dog gets the fugitive on the phone and instead of accepting his offer to turn herself in, she taunts him with the claim that she'll never be caught. This only steels Dog's resolve.

Season 5 : Episode 10

No Piece of Cake

Premiere Date: Sep 17 2008 TVPG L

Being hunted by the Dog is a lousy way to celebrate your birthday but that's exactly the spot that Robert finds himself in today. He's missed his court date, quit his job, and vacated his last known address. With precious little to go on Dog and the team turn to Robert's extended family. The hunt leads them through the homes of the fugitive's aunts, uncles, and various cousins. Some are forthright, and others are less so, and it's Dog's job to determine whom he can trust. Finally, the hunt comes down to a single tip that Robert is on his way to a relative's apartment. The team surrounds the apartment lying in wait. The question on everyone's mind, "Is Dog right?"

Season 5 : Episode 11

Prayers and Mace

Premiere Date: Sep 24 2008 TVPG L

Both brother Tim and fellow Honolulu bondsman James need Dog's help to track down their hard to find fugitives. The two cases on the docket today are challenging, especially the hunt for Gregory, a felon with a lengthy rap sheet. A quick check of his file reveals an ominous fact, the cops have declared him "armed and dangerous." The other fugitive is woman who has abandoned the responsibilities of motherhood for the lure of the ice pipe. What the team will discover as they hunt down this dyspeptic duo is that the damage drugs do is visited not just on the individual but far too often on their entire family.

Season 5 : Episode 12

New Dog in Town

Premiere Date: Oct 01 2008 TVPG L

It's Beth's birthday and Dog knows just what she needs, whether she knows it or not! He surprises Beth with Delilah, a Papillion puppy small enough to sit in the palm of her hand. Beth is so taken with the little creature that she insists on taking the puppy with her on today's bounty. It's a revocation put in motion when Joshua's co-signer leaves town for California. With Delilah in tow they head out to catch their man, the puppy having no clue that today's adventure will include its first visit to a bowling alley and an introduction to pepper spray.

Season 5 : Episode 13

Trick or Treat

Premiere Date: Oct 08 2008 TVPG L

It's Halloween, and before Dog and Beth can help the kids carve their pumpkins, they have some business to attend to. It involves knocking on doors and meeting the neighbors but instead of hunting for treats they're on the search for a fugitive. Their quarry is Robert, a tattoo artist with a bad habit of missing his court dates. Dog's first stop is the fugitive's house where they make an alarming discovery; Robert appears to collects weapon, lots of them. After questioning the neighbors Dog heads off to Robert's tattoo parlor. Does the fugitive's fondness for stockpiling weapons in his home extend to his place of work?

Season 5 : Episode 14

Girl Trouble

Premiere Date: Oct 15 2008 TVPG L

Dog and the team have girl trouble in this case. Krystal jumped bail and seems to have vanished into the high plains of Colorado. To make matters worse, she's running with her lover (and bond co-signer) Carrie. But Thelma and Louise they ain't. As the pursuit unfolds, the team descends into a frightening suburban dystopia where behind well-manicured lawns and handsome facades, the houses harbor dark secrets. An escaped convict, a grieving mother, and a kid with a hidden AK-47--Dog will see it all as he attempts to bring this bad girl to justice and help her find a new path.

Season 5 : Episode 15

Seeing the Light

Premiere Date: Oct 22 2008 TVPG L

Today Leland and Dog make a quick visit to the police supply store to get some new gadgets for the team. But they can't linger because they've also got a fugitive to catch. Their target is reputed to have an explosive temper--she's facing terrorist-threatening charges. Dog fears that drugs may be exacerbating her problems and raising the danger level for the posse. The trail starts out cold, but Dog leads his pack through rural Hawaii to make a clever capture and a powerful ride to jail.

Season 5 : Episode 16

When a Stranger Calls

Premiere Date: Oct 29 2008 TVPG L

When an offender with a long record ducks his day in court, Bobby Brown knows whom to call--The Dog! And knowing that few souls can resist Beth's clever persuasion, Dog gives her the job of luring the fugitive in. The big question is, with a trap in place and the minutes ticking away, will the fugitive show?

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