Sentenced to Life: Teen Killers


When it comes to kids who kill, the U.S. has a zero tolerance policy. Children charged with murder can be convicted as adults and sentenced to spend the rest of their life behind bars, without the chance of parole.

In 2015 a landmark Supreme Court ruling now controversially gives child lifers the chance to walk free, by giving them a resentencing hearing. As the nationwide resentencing of juvenile lifers begins, journalist Susanna Reid follows the hearing of one of the most notorious child homicide cases ever to hit Jacksonville, Florida. Joshua Phillips was just 14 when he was convicted of brutally murdering his 8-year-old neighbor. Having already served nearly 20 years in prison, Josh will take the stand and plead for his freedom, but will it be enough to secure a reprieve and will the local community be able to reconcile the judge’s verdict?

Susanna meets the people affected by his crime and meets other juveniles convicted of some of the most shocking crimes imaginable.

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