As a child of divorce, Shane was constantly moving around with his mom and had moved upwards of 8 times before entering high school. After moving to yet another brand-new city, Shane was rejected by his first-choice school and entered 9th grade discouraged, socially isolated, and desperate for a positive experience.

With the help of a very committed guidance counselor, Shane became active in local clubs, theater and volunteerism. Getting involved turned Shane’s life around, and led him to launch a school project, Count Me In.

What started as a small project intended only for his classmates remarkably went viral, and has since evolved into the largest youth-led organization in the world. Born out of Shane’s own challenges and experiences, Count Me In inspires youth to be positive change agents in their community. Shane has impacted more than 10-million young individuals through speaking tours, educational programs and major broadcasts, which have aired in over 100 countries. Once socially isolated, Shane is now a motivational speaker, social entrepreneur, CEO, and renowned youth advocate committed to energizing those who feel lost or disenfranchised as he once did.

Shane admits he was “adult-centered” during high school and spent more time with his teachers or running his business, and although Count Me In has been incredibly rewarding, he often wishes he could have that final year of high school back and experience it as a student, not as a CEO.