After losing both of her parents at just 7 years old, Nicolette and her three siblings moved in with an abusive relative. Despite her hardships, she kept her challenges hidden from her friends and the school faculty until an insightful track coach confronted her. With her guidance and inspiration, Nicolette became emancipated at 16.

During her senior year of high school three years later, Nicolette got pregnant. However, she did not let these additional responsibilities obstruct her goals to further her education. She embraced motherhood and had her son during her freshman year in college.

With all of the challenges and obstacles Nicolette faced while in high school, she was kept from experiencing the “care-free” nature of adolescence. However, she also credits her past with helping her become the strong, independent young woman she is today, and she knows that the same outcome is possible of the many other girls, who like her, must overcome. She wants to use her story to help motivate kids to believe in themselves and stay in school, no matter how difficult life gets.

The busy single-mom is raising her beautiful 3-year-old son and interning at a major technology company while saving enough money to complete her bachelor’s degree.