Lina is a first generation American, raised by a Mexican single mom who worked hard to make a good life for her children. Fitness is a big part of her life today and that passion was sparked in high school when she ran track and was on the cheerleading team.

Lina didn’t have a hard time making friends and was very popular amongst her classmates. However, her older brother, Jorge didn’t find the experience to be so glorious and this brazen little sister took it upon herself to be his protector. Jorge was getting bullied for being gay, and Lina spent countless hours trying to put people in their place. She even took Jorge to prom his senior year to make sure he didn’t miss that quintessential event.

These days, Lina does feel guilty about the fact that her high school lacked a translator and her single mother spoke limited English, so she often got away with trouble in school. The orthodontist assistant looks back and regrets not paying more attention to her grades and thinks she could have excelled had she socialized less and studied more.