Kourtnei regrets making popularity a priority over studying in high school and feels she could have been an A student. At first it felt good to be part of a well-known mean girl clique in high school, as Kourtnei felt both protected and envied. Admittedly, she never followed through on the physical threats made to others but looking back she can’t believe what she was able to get away with.

Kourtnei would often skip class or show up late and was known for being a class clown. Now, she wishes she paid more attention and was genuinely involved, however she did play softball and it’s the one activity she stuck with.

Late in her senior year, she started getting into credit card debt and now feels strongly that high schools should offer a class on personal finance. Today she hopes that she can motivate students to make smarter choices and would like to continue her business administration studies and become a successful black female business owner.