There was never a moment in high school that Gloria had to worry about which group to join or who to sit with at lunch. Even before she began her freshman year, she auditioned and was accepted to the Varsity Cheerleading team. Not only was Gloria captain of the team at one point, but she was also on the dance team and dated the quarterback of the football team.

While Gloria never struggled with confidence in high school, she was no stranger to the pressures teenage girls face to fit in with their peers and the lengths they’ll go to have the trendiest clothes and the must-have gadgets in order to feel important.

With four older siblings, Gloria is the baby of her family and credits her mother for teaching her to hold a high standard when it came to making friends and surrounding herself with good influences.

After graduation, she competed in professional cheerleading while working towards her bachelor’s degree. Now, Gloria is a Kindergarten teacher at a Montessori School and continues to pursue a dance career.