When Erin entered high school over ten years ago, she figured the best way to be heard was to be loud and tease and harass her classmates. As the youngest of five children, she was already used to fighting for attention in her home. Thanks to a dedicated English teacher who gave her guidance and a listening ear, she began to look inward and find more reasonable ways to be taken seriously.

Now, the self-proclaimed bully looks back and realizes she was provoking her peers in order to feel important and protect herself from the bullying she was also enduring. Furthermore, Erin had a breast reduction her junior year, which fortified her opinions about the way teenage girls are objectified in high school as she received a lot of unwanted attention before and after her operation.

Erin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in History. She is currently married to a high school classmate and is working in childcare while pursuing a MBA. She plans to use her MBA to become a superintendent and shake up our school system.