In high school, Daniel admits he acted as the class clown in order to draw attention away from his reading disability. He regrets pushing his teachers’ buttons and constantly being a distraction for his classmates.

The youngest of 6 kids, Daniel was bused to elementary and middle schools far outside of his zone as part of a diversity initiative. Later he attended a large, diverse high school and found he was able to get along with all the different groups at school from the “weed smokers” to the “divas” as well as the “weird kids,” but he mainly gravitated toward his basketball player friends.

Basketball is a huge part of Daniel’s life, and the court is one place he felt like he could escape the insecurities associated with his reading disability. He also credits sports as the reason he stayed out of the streets.

Daniel is a staff member at The Dream Center. As the Student Pastor, he mentors teenagers in schools and in the community. He is also the freshman girls’ basketball coach at the same high school he attended, and he has created several basketball leagues to open more opportunities for students to develop physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. He’s passionate about empowering students in the community and helping them find their purpose in life.