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S 1 E 0

Undercover High: After School

Aired on Jan 09, 2018
This special one-hour conversation with participants and experts will immediately follow the premiere of UNDERCOVER HIGH to discuss the topics raised within the episode and provide insight into the season to come.
S 1 E 1

Would You Go Back?

Aired on Jan 09, 2018

At Highland Park High School, in Topeka, Kansas, administrators are sending seven adults back to high school to gain unique access and perspectives on the issues teenagers face today.

S 1 E 2

Race to the Finish

Aired on Jan 16, 2018

Winter Royalty is Highland Park High School’s first big event of the Spring Semester, and a chance for the undercover adults to better understand the school’s racially diverse community.

S 1 E 3

At Risk

Aired on Jan 23, 2018

At Highland Park High School, the undercover participants make inroads with at-risk students struggling to beat the odds and two new participants drop into the school unsure whether they’ll make any connections at all.

S 1 E 4

Shots Fired

Aired on Jan 30, 2018

A shooting takes the life of a former student and sends waves through the Highland Park community.

S 1 E 5


Aired on Feb 06, 2018

After two months at Highland Park High School, the undercover adults become closer to students battling major life struggles, while a new undercover student named Gloria replaces Kourtnei.

S 1 E 6

Pregnancy Tests

Aired on Feb 13, 2018

The adult participants at Highland Park High School focus on teen pregnancy, sex education, and teen moms.

S 1 E 7

Stage Fright

Aired on Feb 20, 2018

Students and participants stand in the spotlight when Highland Park High School hosts a student-led talent show, but the Showtime at the Apollo theme has everyone scared of getting booed off the stage.

S 1 E 8

Undercover in Trouble

Aired on Feb 27, 2018

As the school year winds down, the undercover adults delve deeper to uncover the barriers that stand in the way of Highland Park’s success, and find students they’ve made connections with to be caught in cycles of poverty, crime, and troubled home lives.

S 1 E 9


Aired on Mar 06, 2018

As the end of the school year approaches, students are suspicious of who the participants are, while social media fights circulate throughout the school.

S 1 E 10

You Only Go to Prom Twice

Aired on Mar 13, 2018

With a few weeks left to the end of the semester and the social experiment, the participants help students at Highland Park High School prepare for and go to Prom.

S 1 E 11

Undercover No More

Aired on Mar 20, 2018

The school year is coming to an end and the undercover adults must reveal their true identities to the students of Highland Park High School and report back to the administrators what they learned about life in high school today.


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