Ted Andressen from Nightwatch

Ted Andressen

New Orleans EMS

Why I Decided to Become an EMS Worker

Many years ago before I was married I was a volunteer fire fighter. I loved going on the medical calls and fell in love with being a first responder. As I was nearing retirement after 33 years as a court reporter, I decided to go to school and get my EMT license. I absolutely love the EMS field and being able to help people every day at work. How many people get to say “I delivered a baby today?” I can say I’ve done it 3 times. To know that because of you, and of course your partner, a family’s love one is alive, it doesn’t get any better then that.

Facts About My Day-to-Day

I practically live on a farm; we have pigs, dogs, and many raccoons. I start every day going with my dogs to the doughnut shop to get food for the pigs. Then it’s coffee and the paper. I try to exercise every day and then it’s off to feed the pigs. On my days off its family time, either with my wife or with our two kids. I love my family time — it’s what keeps me balanced.


Feeding and hunting pigs is my biggest hobby. It’s so relaxing to be out in the woods and seeing them come in to feed. Sometimes I will shoot one, other times I just sit and watch them eat. I love to be in the barn working with wood and building things. My wife and I go antique shopping, to the movies, or grab a bite at one of the many restaurants in New Orleans. We love to have BBQs for friends and family, especially one with a pig on the spit.