Roderick from Nightwatch


New Orleans Police Department: 4th District

Why I Decided to Become a Police Officer

As a kid I was in a program, the Jefferson Parish Junior Deputy summer camp where I really became interested in becoming a police officer. We learned about police specialties like K9 and Swat. I was part of their drill team and every year we marched together in Mardi Gras parades.

Facts About My Day-to-Day

I love interacting with and mentoring kids. Often they’ll try to figure out what all the different tools on my duty rig are for, and that’s where interest starts. Or they see my height and ask why I don’t play basketball and I explain to them that I used to play and now I’m a cop. I talk to them about being respectful to put themselves in a better situation.


I enjoy working out at the gym and playing basketball in the Big Easy Adult League, a really competitive, 14-team league where some of the guys are ex-pros and ex-semi pros — many played in college. I played ball at John Eric High School, and while stationed in Newport News Virginia in the Army I tried out for the Christopher Newport University basketball team and made it. I’m proud to have founded and run my own company, Zone Out Athletic, which mentors kids through basketball and physical fitness training to help them through difficulties in life.